Resulticks Expands North American Footprint by Welcoming Three New Partners

Leveraging industry expertise and technology, the partnerships will grow business opportunities

NEW YORKOct. 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Resulticks, the world’s fastest growing real-time conversation marketing solutions provider, welcomes three new companies to its North American Partner Program: CLEARGOALS, North America’s leading technical marketing agency; Covalent Marketing, a marketing intelligence consultancy; and T1A, a global data management, advanced analytics and marketing technology consulting firm. Through partnership with Resulticks, these three will generate and drive new business, increase sales, strengthen customer relationships and sustain customer satisfaction over time.

As an intuitive real-time, omnichannel marketing solution, Resulticks equips members of the partner program with the necessary tools and tactics needed to help drive interactions that are individually relevant, executed in real-time and attributable at the segment-of-one level. In addition to a customized implementation experience, partners will also have access to an expert team of technologists and seasoned marketing strategists. The program also includes a unique training and certification process.

“We are delighted to welcome three new North American partners and have made a strong commitment to helping them grow and achieve success,” said Redickaa Subramanian, founder and CEO of Resulticks. “As partners, these companies can leverage the scale, security and speed of our AI-powered platform to enhance and support our clients’ outcomes-driven, omnichannel marketing efforts. We look forward to collectively working and succeeding together.”

“The marketing industry is a very crowded space in terms of available technologies and players, but less so when it comes to enterprise platforms,” says Benoit Stephenson, CEO of CLEARGOALS. “Partnering with Resulticks provides us with a new and solid enterprise marketing platform to offer our clients, allowing them to navigate the noise and truly deliver on their own marketing strategy and efforts.”

“We’re thrilled to join the Resulticks partner program,” said Ryan Kosanic, CEO of Covalent Marketing. “This relationship allows us to enhance our current service offerings and will provide our clients with additional tools and resources to further strengthen their companies’ engagement with their customers, leveraging AI and personalization strategies that produce revenue growth and better experiences.”

“Data today is a marketer’s dream and most pressing challenge,” said Mike Perlov, key account director at T1A. “Our clients rely on advanced data and analytics to fulfill their digital marketing transformations. The all-in-one platform solution that Resulticks has built will provide our clients with a simple, yet sophisticated solution to reach specific audiences across an array of verticals.”

CLEARGOALS is an enterprise marketing technology consultancy dedicated to providing solutions that will help businesses achieve their marketing goals. CLEARGOALS works with companies to ensure that they have the best marketing processes in place using the right enterprise technology and tools, providing best practices and the knowledge, skills, training and discipline to their marketing teams to ensure their success. Headquartered in Manhattan, the company also has a major office in Montreal and employees across North America.

About Covalent Marketing
Covalent Marketing is a customer intelligence consultancy focused on simplifying and strengthening companies’ customer interactions and marketing operations. With a powerful combination of customer analytics, experimentation and thought leadership, Covalent Marketing solves complex customer problems to deliver business success. Check out the Covalent Marketing blog for fresh insights on marketing technology at

About T1A
T1A is a leading global data management, advanced analytics and marketing technology consulting firm. T1A delivers best-of-breed solutions for large and medium corporations in telco, media, financial and retail industries that seek to leverage the most out of advanced analytics and big data to supercharge their digital transformation. T1A helps companies realize the maximum return on their technology investment. With offices in the United States and Canada and a close partnership with its European sister companies, T1A is a trusted partner in implementing solutions that fuel growth offering more than 900 professionals dedicated to servicing dozens of clients.

About Resulticks
Resulticks is a real-time, big-data-driven marketing cloud solution built from the ground up by experts in marketing, technology, and business strategy to deliver topline growth. Outcomes-focused and enabled by the world’s first customer data blockchain, Resulticks equips brands to make a transformational leap to true omnichannel engagement. With its AI-powered, customer-centric approach and attribution at the segment-of-one level, Resulticks is changing how brands worldwide reach, acquire, and retain satisfied customers. Resulticks North America is headquartered in New York City.

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