Breaks New Ground in Reputation Experience Management With Reputation Score X

Industry-leading Score Enhances Visibility Into Digital Reputation, Customer Experience and Core Business Metrics – Provides Prescriptive Recommendations to Improve It, provider of the first — and only — complete Reputation Experience Management (RXM) platform, unveiled Reputation Score X, a next-generation reputation measurement tool that showcases not only how a brand’s digital reputation currently measures up against its competitors, but also how it got there and the immediate steps it can take to improve. Available today, Reputation Score X is accessible within the platform at no additional cost to customers.

“Our customer experience team is thrilled to be using Reputation Score X: it provides our employees with actionable insights based on the conversations they are having with our customers,” said Marc Cannon, Chief Customer Experience Officer, AutoNation. “Reputation Score X is the only true benchmark of what the customer is really thinking, and helps our employees consistently provide a better brand experience.”

Reputation management is a mission-critical consideration among today’s top brands, as reputations can be made or crushed by a single customer interaction. An important first step is to get an overall read on how a brand performs in the eyes of its target customers and as it compares to direct competitors. To do this, brands often must collect and sift through an overwhelming amount of customer feedback and business data. Distilling this data down to a simple performance metric, at the corporate level or by location, and knowing what to do next to get better can be a significant challenge.

“We are excited to see the benefits that Reputation Score X will bring to Renault UK and our dealer partners,” said David Mullins, Customer Experience Manager, Groupe Renault. “The impact dashboard is clear and functional, and prescribes actions the user must take to improve their score and ultimately promote excellent customer experience. It really is a one stop shop to improve our online presence!”

Enhancements to Reputation Score X were made based on customer feedback from leading enterprise brands and the experiences they strive to deliver. Users can now closely manage every touchpoint across the customer journey at the corporate, regional or location level, identify issues in need of attention, and act on tailor-made prescriptive recommendations to drive customer retention and revenue growth. A number of enterprise customers with multiple locations enrolled in the beta program saw an average score increase of 69 points. Specifically, Reputation Score X provides:

  • Current status — Measures a brand’s performance in components like online visibility, customer sentiment, review volume and more, which yields a numeric score from 0 to 1,000. This score can then be compared to others in the same industry, or across a brand’s own locations.
  • Trend analysis — Provides detailed insight into how a brand arrived at its score. Reputation Score X sheds light on which factors have impacted the score the most and allows brands to drill down into each component to understand their performance over time.
  • Prescriptive recommendations — Using proprietary algorithms, the updated tool intelligently charts key factors that make up a Reputation Score, such as overall sentiment and search visibility, and prescribes specific, tailored actions a brand can take to improve its score at a location level. It then estimates the score impact each action will have so brands can better prioritize next steps and turn insights into action. Reputation Score X is the only solution that provides these analysis-based, actionable steps to improve reputation.

“When reputation is on the line, brands don’t have time to sift through terabytes of data to find out what they need to do to improve their standing in the eyes of their customers,” said Pranav Desai, vice president of product management at “Unlike other industry scores, Reputation Score X gives you near real-time, personalized performance feedback down to the location level, and also tells you exactly what you should do next to improve your business. As customers increasingly turn to the digital world to consume and disseminate information about brands, Reputation Score X will become an indispensable tool to understand customers, address their concerns and increase their loyal following.”

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