REPORT: The State Of The Customer Journey 2021 (Kitewheel)

Customer Journey 2021: New Findings

In 2020 the global pandemic thrust customer journey adoption into overdrive. In the midst of a chaotic year, many brands managed to radically change how they did business.

The State of Customer Journey Report uses real data from inside Kitewheel’s Customer Journey Hub to provide a comprehensive overview of the customer journey space.

Our data across industry, channel, and use case in 2020, reveals new implications for 2021 and beyond.

Some of the highlights from the 2021 report:

  • Engagement and retention journeys surge
  • Web Dominates 2021 Interaction Counts
  • Finance and Healthcare Industry Lead Decisioning Complexity
  • CX Journeys See 24% Higher Decisioning Sophistication Vs. Marketing


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