REPORT: Brand Love Story 2021 (Talkwalker)

Brand Love Story 2021 – How to profit from love in a lockdown

For the 2nd year running, we’ve used the power of consumer conversation analysis, to prune over 1,200 global brands, into a list of the 50 most loved brands in the world.

This time, it’s all about the lockdown. As brands tackle changing consumer trends, and battle to create brand conversations when face-to-face interactions aren’t possible.

We look into how all 50 brands are creating their love story, including:

  • The global trends every brand needs to adapt to.
  • The 11 methods the best brands are using to engage consumers.
  • Concrete steps you can follow now to build your brand love.

Discover the brands that are still finding opportunities, to help drive success as the world slowly recovers.


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