RavenCSI announces new intelligent features

RavenCSI™, announced today it is releasing new functionalities for its real-time customer experience and staff survey & research management system. The new enhancements, developed since its initial launch at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in April 2020, will give organizations access to powerful and secure market intelligence capabilities to enable them to intuitively design, conduct and analyze their own internal, customer or industry surveys and carry out primary research.

Version 2.0 of the platform is built on the secure Microsoft Azure cloud. An organization can now build a 10-question survey and publish in less than 60 seconds with new enhanced logic that helps manage survey development, speed and efficiency. During the building phase, users now have the ability to create visually appealing and engaging surveys using specialized custom survey templates enhanced with the ability to use Net Promoter Score, emoji and star rating question types.

Access to results and feedback is easy. The new platform contains built-in SMS and email functionality to instantly share surveys to pre-loaded lists with unique URLs and custom redirects. Dynamic custom reports with QR/URL logic allow users to view real-time results on any internet-connected device. When a survey is live, RavenCSI allows users to create real-time response alerts based on advanced demographics and answers to key questions – hierarchy table management allows these alerts to be used by leadership for accountability tracking.

The platform also allows migration of historical data from other platforms to maintain continuity. There is also a data export option to include numeric scaling and text response relationships to mitigate additional Excel management.

“RavenCSI rivals some of the most developed survey and research platforms on the market and comes without the high costs which are prohibitive for a lot of organizations in the current climate. These new developments make RavenCSI a more attractive and affordable alternative,” says Brian Boyette, RavenCSI Founder.

“Our real-time data collection, analysis and alerts will enable organizations of any size to quickly and easily study their customer experience and employee satisfaction ratings. Additionally, with our new intuitive survey design features and direct distribution list syncing, they will be able to even conduct their own primary research. RavenCSI initially focused on its target markets of banking, financial services and healthcare but is now widening its reach with these new developments to include any service-related industry.”

About RavenCSI
RavenCSI, Headquartered in Mesa, AZ is a leading provider of real-time data feedback and survey tool solution provider. Through its technology-enabled suite of products and services, RavenCSI captures feedback using innovative tools like QR Codes and personal URLs enabling our customers to capture feedback, learn, and react based on questions or surveys offered online in real time. RavenCSI offers full-service content development and robust standard reporting that delivers maximum value and ensures data is actionable, not simply interesting and non-informative. Learn more at http://www.ravencsi.com

Media Contacts
Brian Boyette, RavenCSI, +1 480-216-0330, [email protected]
Jamie Kightley, IBA International, 561-228-1940, [email protected]

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