Quintesse Launches Advanced Contextual Intelligence Platform

Rooted in proven, patented contextual technology adopted by some of the world’s greatest brands, Quintesse advances brand safety, suitability and contextual targeting for brands, agencies, and publishers

With 13 patents from 20 years of contextual technology development, Quintesse has launched as an advanced contextual intelligence platform to meet the accelerating market demand for pro-privacy targeting solutions. As a new business from Vibrant Media, Quintesse provides brands and agencies complete transparency into the contextual suitability and safety of their campaigns and customized targeting tools to optimize and scale without the need for third-party data. For publishers, Quintesse helps increase monetization opportunities by exposing high-value, cookie-free media inventory.

With the implementation of GDPR, CCPA, and other regulatory frameworks, and the phasing out of third-party cookies, Quintesse enters the projected $412 billion market by 2025, during a time when organizations are navigating new data privacy policies to connect with audiences.

“A new era of privacy legislation is forcing the advertising industry to pursue alternatives to third-party cookies as the primary method of targeting audiences,” said Doug Stevenson, CEO and co-founder. “Google’s decision to phase out third-party cookies in Chrome will accelerate the move towards cookieless browsing. The market is shifting towards contextual targeting offerings such as Quintesse, which provides contextual intelligence for precise targeting regardless of the availability of audience data.”

Recently, Quintesse identified for a client in the pharmaceutical sector that the organization had 24% of its impressions appear in unsafe environments and 64% of the brand’s inventory used to deliver the campaign was within irrelevant web content. In addition, for a financial technology company, Quintesse revealed 99.8% of the inventory used to deliver the campaign was placed in non-relevant content areas.

“Brands are currently vulnerable to ad placements within unrelated and potentially harmful media environments,” added Stevenson. “Through Quintesse, we saw a great opportunity to go beyond the blunt brand-safety tools on the market and provide ways to tackle new challenges being faced with user-generated content and wasted impressions through ‘false positives’.”

Quintesse utilizes natural language processing (NLP) and curated machine learning for the most comprehensive contextualization of web pages, protecting brands from unsuitable content and unlocking valuable media inventory to drive real ROI.

Clients of the platform benefit from:

Increased Reach and Scale – Unlock new inventory through cookie-free contextual intelligence, dramatically reducing “false positives” frequently produced by widely used “keyword-matching” technologies.

Maximum Safety Through Complete Contextual Coverage – Utilize computational linguistics to understand entire editorial page content, not just keywords in URLs, to offer true verification of page safety and suitability.

Dynamic Content Targeting & Protection – Detect content changes in real-time, to find new topics and protect your brand from threats buried within comment sections and frequently updated content.

About Quintesse

Quintesse is the authority in context. As the leading global contextual intelligence platform for brands and agencies, Quintesse delivers complete control and transparency for improved brand safety, suitability, and pro-privacy contextual targeting.

With 13 patents from 20 years of contextual technology development, Quintesse utilizes natural language processing and curated machine learning for the most comprehensive contextualization of web pages. By protecting brands from unsuitable editorial events, processing dynamic content, and unlocking cookie-free media inventory, Quintesse delivers real ROI within the complex requirements of today’s media landscape.

The global company has offices in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, London, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, and Munich and provides services in 27 languages.

Learn more about the free audit currently being offered by Quintesse here.

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