Quickchek and Paytronix Systems launch loyalty scheme

Leading digital guest experience platform, Paytronix Systems, recently announced a top market retailer had launched its loyalty program. That retailer was QuickChek Corporation. It operates 160 convenience store locations across New Jersey in the US. QuickChek has chosen to launch a loyalty program to boost mobile engagement with consumers. QuickChek Rewards will ensure many more customer visits are made to its sites, and shoppers will effectively spend more.

The loyalty program is available via a mobile app and has three tiers – Fans, Friends, and Family. In a recent press release, QuickChek digital marketing and advertising manager, Eric Rush, said:“We are learning a tremendous amount about our own customers, including things we weren’t even aware that we didn’t know. QuickChek Rewards is helping with our goal to understand what is meaningful to our customers in their daily lives. With the information we’re learning, we can provide members with tailored rewards that make for a better shopping experience.”

With any scheme that rewards loyalty, consumers must enjoy it and want to keep using it. Here are five simple points that loyalty programs should always stick to in order to keep those visits flowing.

1.      Make it easy to use – keep your loyalty program engaging and user-friendly. Customers don’t want to work too hard to earn rewards.

2.      Keep it timely – cut out all of the in-between. Make it as quick as possible from the customer completing the loyalty action to receiving that particular reward. Instant gratification is always a winner.

3.      Make it unique and valuable – find out what customers love the most in whichever line of work you’re in. Do they want cashback, discounts, or charitable donations? You don’t need to spend a lot to make it valuable.

4.      Make it measurable – identify trends and ensure you monitor the reward rates you have in place as well as strategically planning future rewards.

5.      Make it Flexible – don’t stick to the same processes you begin with. Always look to change with the way the market moves and evolves. Being flexible will allow you to maintain a unique loyalty app that caters to your loyal customer base.

There are many great examples of loyalty programs that have gone from strength to strength since launch. Starbucks is one prime example. Back in 2016, the American coffeehouse implemented a loyalty program where stars were awarded to customers for every dollar spent. Collect a certain number of stars and trade those in for a free drink. Starbucks now even throws in a free birthday drink for those that have the loyalty app. It’s been going for four years and is loved by millions worldwide.

Costa Coffee works similarly by building up points to trade in for free drinks. You can use Costa’s loyalty program on its Express machines nationwide, so you don’t even need to show a loyalty card to a member of staff, you can claim them yourself. Loyalty programs like these are the perfect way of getting consumers to return to your store. Whether it’s in a retail store or a supermarket, loyalty rewards are everywhere.

Loyalty programs are also used in the iGaming industry. Cash bonuses are just one type of promotion that encourage continued interaction from customers. They can also enhance a player’s experience by giving them the opportunity to explore the casino risk-free. The best casino bonuses often tend to be part of exclusive loyalty programs and VIP clubs with particular casino sites.

With many loyalty programs, the more you use a particular product, the better the potential reward. QuickChek has gone down the same route with the three-tiered rewards system. Here’s how it works:

1.      Fan – 0-3 visits a month will get you a free chocolate chunk cookies 2-pack for your birthday.

2.      Friend – 4-9 visits a month will get you a free baked good for your birthday as well as one free fountain drink or coffee plus one free bottled beverage or candy bar each month.

3.      Family – 10 or more visits each month will get you a free sweet treat smoothie for your birthday. You’ll also enjoy two free fountain drinks or coffees as well as two complimentary bottled beverages or candy bars.

The loyalty program has already proven to be a success since launching earlier this year. Expect QuickChek to continually innovate and mix its rewards up as it continues to grow its loyal customer base. Loyalty programs are your customer’s friends. If they shop anywhere that has one and get involved, they will enjoy the rewards that will come their way.

This article originally appeared in RetailTimes.

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