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Our Top Customer Engagement Reads from 2019

Although we’ve only been in official existence for 5 months, we’ve already covered a lot of important ground.  In case you missed any of it, here are the top 5 articles we published this past year.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been part of a startup and know first-hand what a whirlwind process it can be.  Even though we had determined to cross the starting line with a certain amount of momentum when we began covering customer engagement, I didn’t expect the kind of response and support we’ve had.  We’re growing.  We’re expanding.  We’re in conversation with some of the largest brands in this space, creating the dialogue that will shape what customer engagement looks like in the near term.  We’re shining a well-deserved spotlight on the thinkers and technologies that will empower it.  And although we’ve only been in official existence for 5 months, we’ve already covered a lot of important ground.  In case you missed any of it, here are the top 5 articles we published this past year.

On another semi-related note, thanks for being a part of this nascent conversation.  Your voice matters.  We’re listening.  Here’s to a happy and prosperous 2020!


Satisfying the Thrill of the Hunt

What is it about discount retail shopping that creates “frenzy”? 

Why do they shop, on average, 2x-3x more frequently than other shoppers?  Why does the same shopper who buys kitchenware also frequently cross the aisle and purchase menswear in the same trip?  Discount retail shoppers are a unique breed and are the driving force behind some of the most successful retail efforts in the country right now.

Note:  This article summarizes a webinar we produced earlier this year in conjunction with Fluent Dialogue based on a joint research project by the same name.  Even though the webinar took place back in October, this continues to be one of the most searched-for and read articles on TheCustomer.

Human-Centered Design is a CX Imperative: Kaiwei Tang

Design is about identifying what users are not telling you — problems that are not obvious — and putting yourself in a user’s shoes so that you can feel their pain, anxiety and desire.

Note:  We interviewed Kai a few days before his presentation at Forrester’s CXSF event.  This article is based on that conversation.

What To Do When Your Customer Changes the Channel

Consumers want immediacy, and they expect to extract value from the brands they maintain relationships with, wherever, whenever, and however they choose. 

If brands don’t meet expectations, and/or don’t provide immediate extraction of value, consumers leave and find alternatives quickly.  The dead funnel doesn’t only impact the way customers are acquired, it also impacts relationship development and loyalty, leaving brands struggling to developing effectively loyalty strategies.

Note:  This is the first article we published from Michael Fisher and it effectively set the tone for much of what we have published on customer engagement since.  In fact, Mr. Fisher officially joined the board of TheCustomer later on in the year.

On-Demand Brands: Why Customer-focused Innovation is Key

Just 10 years ago, we regularly did the unimaginable:

We’d walk out of a building and raise our hand, relying on sheer hope that a cab would stop to pick us up. Today, frustration sets in when our personal, on-demand chauffeur doesn’t arrive at the exact GPS coordinates our app specified.

Note:  This installment from Michael Fisher continues to expand the dialogue surrounding customer-centricity and the ongoing consumerization that brands are facing and, to an extent – overcoming.

The Funnel is Dead. Long Live the Funnel!

Nothing is linear and marketing is not easy.  It was easy at one time but that was at least two years ago. 

Now we have to formulate an entirely new set of questions just to be able to create customer views that have meaning.  The funnel was a great concept that served us well for what might be called the teenage years of customer marketing but we’re in a new age now – we’re reaching something that looks more like adulthood. It’s a time of eye-opening, a time of breath-taking change.  It’s a time to experiment and experience.  It’s a time to recognize that what once was is no longer.

Note:  This was the first article we published on TheCustomer back when we were only circulating links to a handful of people who had offered their guidance and support.  It has become a manifesto of sorts for why we’re here and where we plan to go.



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