Organizational Alignment Around Customer Journeys is Integral

2021 State of Customer Journey Management and CX Measurement survey reveals that disconnects between marketing and CX teams negatively impact customer experience and business outcomes

Pointillist®, an award-winning provider of customer journey management software, identified that the most effective, high-performing teams align their organization around journeys to manage, measure and improve customer experience (CX). In its 2021 State of Customer Journey Management and CX Measurement report, Pointillist surveyed over 1,150 CX, analytics, customer service and marketing professionals from various industries worldwide to discover what separates leaders in customer experience from laggards.

“Over the past few years, we’ve seen companies embrace new roles, like Journey Owner, to break down traditional organizational silos and realign their organization around their customer,” said Steve Offsey, VP of Marketing at Pointillist. “This year’s survey confirmed that companies that organize around customer journeys and adopt a journey-based approach to measure and optimize CX are more likely to achieve their CX and business goals. Customer-centric companies can use this year’s report to benchmark their journey management maturity and develop a strategy for improvement.”

The 35 page report organizes the data around 5 major findings:

  • High-performing teams align their organization around journeys, with 68% of respondents reporting that they have a dedicated role or team for customer journey management or analytics, compared to 35% of underperformers.
  • Quantifying the ROI of customer experience initiatives remains the top CX challenge. While it continues to be the top challenge for the third consecutive year, organizations that are further along the path to journey management maturity are almost 6 times more likely to be very or extremely effective at quantifying the impact of CX on business outcomes.
  • Digital Transformation Succeeds by Focusing on the Customer. Digital transformation is the #2 top CX investment priority over the next year. Moreover, high performers said they look beyond simple cost reduction and make sure digital transformation initiatives create digital experiences that delight their customers and enable them to quickly buy, use and fix issues themselves.
  • CX and Marketing Don’t See Eye to Eye. Most marketing teams believe they are tightly aligned with CX teams, but most CX teams do not agree. Top performing CX and marketing teams are 2.1 times more likely to regularly collaborate on CX initiatives and to be tightly aligned on customer-centric approaches and goals than underperformers.
  • Organizations Still Struggle to Deliver Consistent Omnichannel Experiences.The primary barriers to delivering seamless and consistent omnichannel experiences continue to be data and organizational silos, in combination with the limitations of legacy tools and technology. Nearly six in ten respondents continue to report that customer data is either siloed or not accessible at all. However, top performing teams are 3 times more likely to use customer journey orchestration to optimize CX and are 6 times more likely to be effective at engaging customers across channels and over time.

“Companies that report tight alignment between CX and marketing are outpacing their competitors,” added Offsey. “The most successful teams use customer journeys to align their goals and initiatives. Brands must market themselves in a way that’s consistent with their customers’ actual experience if they want those customers to keep coming back.”

To download the full report, visit: The State of Customer Journey Management and CX Measurement in 2021

About Pointillist®

Pointillist’s award-winning customer journey management platform enables organizations to deliver frictionless, connected and personalized experiences. By measuring, monitoring and orchestrating customer journeys, Pointillist solutions optimize CX and improve digital containment, contact center performance, escalation management and more. Customer-centric organizations such as Citigroup and Comcast rely on Pointillist to improve customer experience and business outcomes. Pointillist is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts and located on the web at and on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

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