We believe that digital is about being data-driven and bringing together creativity with science. A scientific approach requires data. Our acquisition of Zaius is all about data and the role it plays to create and optimize digital experiences.

The first aspect is about customer data. Data about customers resides in many silos. You also can’t rely on 3rd party customer data anymore to personalize experiences. You need to be able to personalize your digital experience from the first time customers engage with your brand and build up your own customer data. That’s why investing in a CDP like Zaius is mission-critical — we can now connect what have traditionally been disconnected data points into context with each other. Let’s face it. Every marketing and digital tech stack is different. By having pre-built integration points into Shopify, Snowflake, Zendesk and 50 other solutions, you can accelerate creating a single view of the customer.

The second part is all about being customer-centric. Customer data is not enough to be customer-centric. As part of Optimizely’s DXP, Zaius allows us to create insight and segment customer data in combination with their interactions with assets and observing behaviors through experiments. It’s having a complete understanding of all those facets that helps maximize ROI and allows you to create hyper-personalized experiences.

The third part is about taking action. Optimizely’s Digital Experience Platform is all about the continuous loop of creating and optimizing digital experiences. With Zaius, the ability to create and optimize digital experiences in the context of the customer based on recipes is immense. As an example: a customer has a service request and has already visited the website to find an answer. Based on this data, the customer is treated differently than a customer who has not gone the website, and an experiment is initiated to provide the customer with a customer service agent chat interaction.

Finally, Zaius is about people and the technology they build. We are excited to welcome new Optimizers to our company. Their depth of knowledge and domain expertise is highly valued by Zaius’ customers and will be equally highly valued by Optimizely’s customers.

DXP is a relatively new category — there’s a long road to travel to helping deliver outsized outcomes for all of our customers. We could not be more optimistic about the long-term value that a platform like Zaius can bring, and we look forward to further optimizing customer experiences as one.