Netcore gives open access to its email platform for US businesses affected by COVID 19

Launches COVID-19 Email Relief Program granting complimentary access to its premium AI-Powered Email platform enabling US-headquartered companies in need to send unlimited emails until September 2020 to ensure Business Continuity at zero cost during these uncertain times

Netcore Solutions Inc., a global leader and trusted email partner for 3000+ brands, is committed to ensuring uninterrupted email communication during COVID-19 and has launched an Email Relief Program to support affected businesses in the United States.

Kalpit Jain, Group CEO, Netcore Solutions Inc, announced today: “We are mindful of how critical email and marketing communications are to business continuity during this period. So we have launched a COVID -19 Email Relief Program to offer best-in-class email technology to organizations in need. Netcore has a deep culture of giving back. We have always extended a helping hand out of our sheer love for emails. And we will continue to do so.” He further added, “The pandemic has caught us all unawares and forced us to realign drastically in an already fast-changing world. It is the biggest worldwide disaster our generation has seen. Yet, we carry on because we know, this too shall pass. And while we are in it, we give each other hope and support in whatever way we can.”

Under this Email Relief Program, businesses in need will get complimentary access to Netcore’s AI-powered Email Marketing Platform until September 2020. It will help companies in need to ensure seamless communication & save marketing costs as they will be able to:

  • Send unlimited emails with complete access to Netcore’s AI-powered Email Marketing Platform,
  • Unlock premium features for data-driven and result-oriented campaign management such as Send-time and Subject line OptimizationAdvanced Customer SegmentationAI/ML-based Decision MakingIntelligent ReportingRecency-Frequency-Monetary ModelingCohorts, etc. and
  • Receive white-glove service for a quick-start, smooth transition, and better-performing email campaigns.

Kalpit also emphasized, “While we offer these services, I would like to reiterate that businesses communicating with their employees and customers have a huge responsibility to share useful, positive, and relevant messages. Constructive and optimistic communication had always been desirable, but during this period, it has become essential. Through empathy, we can reinforce our collective strength and intent in sailing through these turbulent waters. Netcore is here to enable that. And yes, we are all in this together, we will prevail!”

This announcement originally appeared in MarTechSeries.

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