mParticle and Zendesk Collaborate

mParticle, the largest independent Customer Data Platform, today announced an integration with Zendesk, Inc., a CRM company that builds flexible support, sales, and customer engagement software, that further enables mParticle customers to deliver relevant, timely, and exceptional customer experiences. Zendesk is the latest integration offered by the company, adding to the more than 300 analytics and marketing tool integrations offered by mParticle.

Companies in virtually every industry from retail to home delivery, gaming, and financial services rely on mParticle to gain insight into customer interactions and deliver personalized experiences. mParticle excels at creating a single view of a customer by allowing customer data to flow freely and securely between systems and applications while protecting consumer privacy preferences. With today’s announcement, the ability to deliver personalized experiences is extended to customer service through mParticle’s integration with Zendesk.

The integration between mParticle and Zendesk allows customer service representatives to access real-time context for support tickets within Zendesk, including information such as user preferences from an app, loyalty program status, most recent purchases, risk of churn, and more, to deliver more precise and personal support. Additionally, customer support data generated by Zendesk can be fed back into mParticle’s unified customer profiles to personalize future interactions.

“We make it easy for businesses to engage with customers on their preferred channels, such as messaging, to provide the best experiences,” said Tim Marsden, Senior Director, at Zendesk. “With this integration with mParticle, customer service teams have a real time, holistic view of the customer that enables them to provide seamless support at scale.”

“Today’s customers expect experiences that are tailored to their interests and needs throughout the entire lifecycle,” said Michael Katz, CEO and co-founder of mParticle. “By integrating data across different systems to create a rich customer profile, we empower organizations to improve the customer experience across digital touchpoints. The integration with Zendesk now takes that a step further to personalize the entire customer journey—from lead to customer service.”

About mParticle
mParticle enables businesses to easily manage the immense growth of data volumes moving to and from sources, systems, API’s and applications. Using a single API, developers, product managers, and marketers can manage customer data along the entire product and customer life cycle while also addressing challenges such as data quality and governance. Additionally, mParticle takes the pain out of managing integrations by facilitating the movement of customer data to over 300 analytics and marketing tools. Founded in 2013, mParticle is headquartered in New York Citywith offices in San Francisco, Seattle, Sydney, and London. For more information, please visit

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