mParticle Adds Customer Data Unification and Orchestration Capabilities

mParticle, a customer data platform (CDP) provider, has launched several features to extend its data unification and orchestration capabilities. This includes a User Aliasing API to help customers better manage and merge customer profiles, self-hosting support to further improve the security and stability of mParticle’s Web Software Developer Kit (SDK), and an integration with Google Tag Manager.

mParticle’s new User Aliasing API is located within its identity system, known as IDSync. It helps companies programmatically unify multiple customer records and merge anonymous user activity with known user profiles.

mParticle also released more than 20 web libraries as well as optional kit integration add-ons via NPM. mParticle also provides developers with full control over which version of mParticle’s Web SDK is maintained in production environments.

mParticle’s integration with Google Tag Manager allows marketers to update web tags and pixels with server-side control. Once mParticle collects web data via its SDK, it will pass this information to GTM, where the mParticle data model is mapped to the GTM data model. The data, once in GTM, can then be used to conditionally fire various pixels and trackers in real time or on a predefined schedule. This new integration also allows for seamless consent capture and syndication to meet privacy obligations, a consistent and unified approach to data collection across web and mobile applications, and infinite scalability to deploy any number of web pixels or trackers without pre-built connectors.

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