Momentive Launches New Survey Creation Capabilities for SurveyMonkey to Run Research Like a Pro

Momentive (Nasdaq: MNTV), the maker of SurveyMonkey and GetFeedback, today announced three new survey creation features[1]  for SurveyMonkey Enterprise and paid customers in the U.S. These new capabilities, including language personalization features, additional best/worst question types, and a multilingual email collector, empower users to create professional-grade surveys without requiring deep research expertise. 

From small businesses needing customer feedback, to market researchers wanting to understand their target audience, to marketers wanting to improve campaign effectiveness, or HR leaders aiming to boost employee retention and engagement, creating a survey that will capture attention and encourage completion is key. 

New SurveyMonkey creation capabilities include: 

  • The addition of new logic capabilities specifically geared towards language personalization further supports multilingual survey deployment and analysis. This added capability offers a comprehensive view of survey responses for surveys deployed in multiple languages. This allows for higher quality, holistic insights as users don’t have to move between multiple versions of the same survey deployed in multiple languages. The new language personalization feature is now available. 
  • The addition of more question types, specifically best/worst questions, allows survey makers to gauge relative preference and the importance of choices. Adding this type of question helps creators have a more nuanced understanding of respondent sentiment. The new question types are now available. 
  • customized multilingual email and SMS collector allows SurveyMonkey users to send email or text invitations to surveys in the local language from a simple drop-down menu. This empowers creators to send survey communications in the same language as the survey itself for multiple audiences, without needing to create different versions of the same email or SMS invite for each language. This update allows for a broader range of respondents, increased response rate, and an overall more personalized and inclusive user experience. The multilingual email collector will be available in Q2 2023.

These new capabilities join the already robust SurveyMonkey platform. With 250+ expert-written templates and guidance from SurveyMonkey Genius—which brings together AI, survey experts, and machine learning—users are fully equipped to jump start survey creation easily and efficiently to meet their unique needs, meet their own brand guidelines, and capture desired feedback. Our SurveyMonkey create features empower anyone—from novice to expert—to run sophisticated surveys that collect more precise data and insights.

Marketers, HR leaders, customer experience professionals, small business leaders, and more already benefit from SurveyMonkey’s powerful yet easy-to-use platform, which helps them gain important audience sentiment to make strategic business decisions,” said Aleks Bass, VP of Product Management, Momentive. “With these new updates, we’re offering our users even more ways to easily personalize their surveys and gain the actionable insights they need.”

About Momentive

Momentive (NASDAQ: MNTV), maker of SurveyMonkey, collects and analyzes human sentiment at scale. Momentive products, includingSurveyMonkeyGetFeedback, and Momentive brand and market insights solutions, equip ​decision-makers at 345,000 organizations worldwide with the insights they need to make decisions with speed and confidence. Millions of users rely on Momentive to fuel market insights, brand insights, employee experience, customer experience, and product experience. Ultimately, the company’s vision is to broaden the world’s perspective to shape the future of business. Learn more at

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