Medallia Acquires Decibel

The team at Medallia is excited to share we have acquired digital experience analytics leader, Decibel, in an effort to deliver powerful digital and mobile customer experience insights seamlessly integrated with our existing Voice of the Customer Experience technology.

The world shifted to digital overnight and the customer and their experiences have become virtually invisible to brands. Decibel changes this with its ability to capture and quantify customer experiences and pinpoint revenue-impacting problem areas on your websites and apps. It moves far beyond traditional web analytics with modern AI and machine learning to help you understand why customers buy and why they don’t.

We believe Decibel’s ability to score every online customer experience and expose what is really happening on your website and mobile apps is the perfect solution to help you connect and engage with your online customers and loyalty and sales.

We would be delighted to set up time with our experts to give you a view into where users are experiencing unknown friction and frustration on your digital channels and how to improve them for more conversion, loyalty and growth.

Learn more about the value Decibel is providing to companies like Fidelity and Lego.

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