Lytics Releases Lytics Cloud Connect

Lytics, a leading customer data platform, today announced the release of a new product called Lytics Cloud Connect, a reverse ETL (extract, transform, load) extension to its existing CDP lineup. Cloud Connect allows IT departments, data analysts, and developers to run SQL queries directly against their data warehouse as segment definitions, no need for ingesting or moving data around. These segments can then be activated in all key marketing channels with just a click or two through Lytics’ robust and proven network of integrations. The result is an enhanced customer experience, improved security and faster time-to-value.

Gartner predicts that by 2023, 75% of all customer databases will be on a cloud platform, and Lytics Cloud Connect ensures that brands get the most out of customer data wherever it resides.

Lytics Cloud Connect makes it easy to access and execute complex calculations such as sums or LTV, prepare data for robust charting solutions like Looker, deliver predictions, and build custom models that historically have been locked within cloud-based data warehouses.

“Cloud Connect is an important step forward in accelerating those who work with consumer data and drive brand marketing and ad buys, to move toward first-party behavioral data collection,” said James McDermott, CEO and Cofounder, Lytics. Cloud Connect makes it very easy for Lytics customers to connect the customer data in their warehouses like Google Cloud Platform or Snowflake, more directly to action systems like Salesforce, Zendesk and hundreds of others. People need to start thinking about the CDP as a suite of tools that allows developers to query the data warehouse and combine those results with real-time behavioral insights with decisioning, to better engage users with relevant and personal experiences.”

With the introduction of Lytics Cloud Connect, the company is now ascribing the brand name “Lytics Decision Engine” to its traditional flagship platform, formerly known as “Lytics Customer Data Platform.” Working together, Lytics Decision Engine, Lytics Cloud Connect and a cloud data warehouse practice make up a holistic CDP strategy to help brands better personalize customer experiences.

Cloud Connect is built for the Data Manager
Data teams have access to tremendously granular data within the warehouse, and by working collaboratively with business users and running standard SQL queries, they can deliver highly personalized customer experiences – which drive brand loyalty.

With Lytics Cloud Connect, customers can:

  • Leverage JOIN, GROUP, WHERE, UNIQUE and virtually any other native SQL function to perform highly complex queries against your remote dataset in order to provide marketers with the segments they need.
  • Maintain complete control over access and security at the DB level rather than a third party.
  • Remove any need to duplicate, store or maintain many sources of truth virtually eliminating a great deal of ongoing management and validation pain.

Customer Data Platform (CDP) and marketing technology stack(s) are evolving along with the needs and expectations of marketers. The continued investment into data warehouses to house all types of customer data and perform cutting-edge data science scoring drives a market for brands to work intelligently with that data. Today, Reverse ETL gives marketers the tools they need to connect to troves of data otherwise locked away in data warehouses and deliver it to downstream marketing tools and business systems.

Customer data where your business needs it
Lytics Cloud Connect extends beyond marketing tools destinations to enable important use cases for support and sales, such as giving the sales team access to life-time value scores from within external tools like Salesforce. When using Lytics Decision Engine and Cloud Connect products a brand can expand its support teams’ visibility into deeper customer insights from their tools of choice, like Zendesk.

About Lytics
Lytics is the marketer’s choice for customer data platform (CDP) technology that combines “the right data + the right data science” to deliver amazing digital experiences and highly effective 1-to-1 marketing campaigns. The company’s behavioral data-driven approach enables brands to leverage their own data to increase customer engagement by 30% and marketing ROI by 40% using finely targeted campaigns, customized content recommendations and personalized web experiences. Based in Portland, Oregon, the company is led by experienced MarTech executives (Webtrends, Airship, Tripwire, Puppet, Mozilla, etc.) and backed by JMI Equity, Comcast Ventures, Two Sigma Ventures, Voyager Capital, Rembrandt Venture Partners and EPIC Ventures. Their customers include General Mills, Live Nation, Nestle Purina, Industry Dive, Yamaha and many more.


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