Loyalty Juggernaut Announces US Patent

Loyalty Juggernaut, Inc. (LJI), the provider of GRAVTY, a next-gen, digital transformation platform for the ecosystem-centric loyalty programs in airline, hospitality, retail, financial services, telco and multi-brand, diversified business groups, announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued Patent (# 10713016) for its visual, plug and play rules engine (“GRAVTY Visual Rules”), designed to empower loyalty marketers to implement innovative program strategies with consummate ease, driving transformational business results and competitive advantage.

GRAVTY Visual Rules combines extreme sophistication with exceptional simplicity, enabling loyalty marketers to create granular and intensified personalization throughout the customer lifecycle, from acquisition to advocacy in order to maximize customer value, revenue and profitability.

“GRAVTY Visual Rules provides an easy-to-use interface to implement highly innovative and differentiated strategies that not only drive engagement and profitable customer behaviors but also intrigue, excitement and anticipation that our customers truly value,” Nida Unas, Head of MUSE Rewards, Group Loyalty Program of Chalhoub Group, the largest retail operator and the leading partner for luxury, fashion and cosmetics in the Middle East.

Innovation and speed to market are mission critical for the airline frequent flyer programs to overcome the “one-size-fits-all” limitations. With GRAVTY Visual Rules, airlines can launch new offers and promotions within minutes, operationalize new partnerships within hours to deliver value-propositions that resonate with their customers’ lifestyles and maximize brand salience and recall.

‘GRAVTY Visual Rules’  delivers ‘fun’ with functionality while hiding the complexity under-the-hoods, and eliminates the ‘fear factor’ inherent to traditional enterprise applications.

“We are grateful to our esteemed clients, who continuously encourage us to explore the “art of the possible” with technology,” Shyam Shah, CEO of Loyalty Juggernaut.

Watch GRAVTY Visual Rules in action

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About Loyalty Juggernaut

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Loyalty Juggernaut, Inc. (LJI) is the next-gen loyalty and customer engagement solutions enterprise, helping brands reimagine their customer loyalty initiatives in #theageofdigitalcustomer.

GRAVTY®, LJI’s digital transformation platform is specifically designed for the ecosystem-centric loyalty programs. GRAVTY® client base includes leading global brands, running industry-defining and award-winning, ecosystem-centric loyalty programs in airline, hospitality, retail, food & beverages, financial services, telco and multi-brand, diversified business groups.

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