LiveRamp Launches Privacy Manager

Solution Helps Global Clients Comply with Data Privacy Laws like GDPR and CCPA;

Privacy Manager is built on Faktor, acquired by LiveRamp in April 2019

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Leading enterprise marketers and publishers understand that proper and compliant use of data is fundamental to creating outstanding customer experiences. Recognizing these needs, LiveRamp® (NYSE: RAMP), the trusted platform that makes data accessible and meaningful, today announced Privacy Manager: a preference and consent management platform (CMP) that enables marketers and publishers to interact with consumers, and manage their data in a secure, compliant manner, while offering transparency, notice, and choice.

“A compliant business is a safe business, and companies can differentiate with a better, more transparent and intuitive consumer experience.”

The news comes as marketers seek to navigate an increasingly complex legislative environment, comprised of current and future consumer data protection laws like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which will go into effect on Jan. 1, 2020. Privacy Manager is purposefully designed to satisfy provisions across both such laws and others like them.

“A solution like what we’ve architected with Privacy Manager can serve as a North Star for enterprises that wish to prioritize global compliance in a comprehensive and straightforward way,” said Tim Geenen, GM, Privacy & Consumer Experiences, LiveRamp. “A compliant business is a safe business, and companies can differentiate with a better, more transparent and intuitive consumer experience.”

Privacy Manager is engineered to integrate across websites and mobile apps, and provides a full audit trail that delivers compliance and better customer experiences across channels. The solution also ensures a fair value exchange for individuals, publishers, and marketers. Benefits to each audience are three-fold:

  • Individuals will receive transparency and control over their data.
  • Publishers can command higher CPMs with permissioned data.
  • Marketers can obtain a higher return-on-investment (ROI) by safely collecting and activating validated permissioned data to reach audiences.

In addition to providing essential and valuable functionality, Privacy Manager offers several important and unique capabilities:

  • Transparency and Choice: Other GDPR compliance solutions disclose notice either on a purpose-level, or on a vendor-level, limiting transparency for individuals. Privacy Manager for GDPR provides both purpose-level and vendor-level choices in a clean, well-organized manner to ensure informed decision making. These same features work in Privacy Manager for CCPA, and provide more flexibility and freedom to individuals than a binary opt-out.
  • Easy Control: Privacy Manager’s intuitive interface makes navigation obvious; it is easy to use and loads quickly, helping to create a positive user privacy experience while providing the means for education on how and why data is used.
  • Tag Management: Privacy Manager’s built-in tag management capabilities enable full control over on-site partners and vendors.

Privacy Manager is already live in the EU for GDPR, where the solution was met with overwhelmingly positive reviews:

“Net Info decided to license Privacy Manager after the initial implementation of an in-house tool that required a dedicated workforce to match the fast pace of evolving privacy laws and standards. The team has proven to be a trustworthy partner for us, and enables choice and transparency to our users. They have been instrumental in enabling a stronger relationship between us and our customers. It is an excellent product, and the ongoing technical and project management support—a nod to the solution’s start-up roots—is welcome,” said Mila Dimitrova, Data Protection Officer at Nova Broadcasting Group.

Anneka Gupta, president and head of products and platforms at LiveRamp weighed in, stating, “LiveRamp is uniquely positioned at the epicenter of the flow of data across the brand, publisher, technology, and advertising ecosystem. This is why customers have asked LiveRamp to develop and offer a consumer data compliance and management tool that fits their needs, going above and beyond what’s currently available in the market today.”

The debut of Privacy Manager signals the full integration of Faktor into LiveRamp globally, following the acquisition transaction earlier this year.

To further bolster relationships with publishers worldwide, LiveRamp revealed that it is extending its suite of publisher solutions to the U.K. The announcement was handed down on November 19 at RampUp London, part of LiveRamp’s roadshow conference series for marketers. During the conference, LiveRamp reiterated its commitment to data ethics and consumer choice and assured audiences these solutions can be adapted to accommodate evolving privacy regulations.

Privacy Manager is available now to LiveRamp’s global clientele, including options suitable for small businesses. To learn more about Privacy Manager, please click here.

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