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Level Up Your Sales Reps’ Performance With Conversation Intelligence

With AI-powered conversation intelligence technology, sales professionals can access real-time insights and coaching to improve their sales performance without sacrificing the personalized experiences customers crave.

What do sales and baseball managers have in common? They both use data-driven insights to improve their team’s performance in real time.

In 1990, a hitter couldn’t review their performance until after the game ended. But today, players can walk into the dugout after their at-bat and immediately access replay footage with data like exit velocity and launch trajectory. Like pro baseball players and managers, sales professionals can also benefit from in-the-moment feedback and objective data on their performance. Just as AI-powered tools revolutionized in-game management, this technology has the potential to level up sales performance and help representatives rack up more wins.

With AI-powered conversation intelligence technology, sales professionals can access real-time insights and coaching to improve their sales performance without sacrificing the personalized experiences customers crave.

Dan Hatch, Vice President of Sales,

Personalizing sales relationships in virtual settings

Cultivating personalized relationships in a virtual setting isn’t easy. Although a great sales pitch is a good start, it’s often not enough to close the deal. But if sales reps focus on building genuine connections, it can lead to more honest conversations and result in higher conversions.

Work-from-home presents a unique opportunity for sales reps to understand prospects on a deeper level. In many cases, sales reps and prospects report more open and transparent interactions since calls occur in the privacy of their home offices. These kinds of authentic and personal conversations create substantive connections with prospects and accelerate movement in the sales pipeline.

But while it’s important for sales reps to build personal connections with prospects, the reality is that today’s sales pipeline is moving faster than ever. To keep up with pipeline velocity and improve sales outcomes, sales teams need the right tools to support their work.

How AI technology improves sales performance 

Tedious tasks like notetaking and importing insights into the CRM take time away from research and prospect outreach. AI-powered technology, such as conversation intelligence, makes the prospecting process more efficient. When technology automates the time-consuming parts of the process, you can help your sales reps prioritize prospects and their pain points to create more personalized experiences.

Conversation intelligence can also improve sales reps’ performance in several other ways:

  1. Provide more value to prospects. Prospects have busy schedules and likely receive several sales solicitations a day. So, if your sales reps fail to demonstrate value to prospects right away, they’ll struggle to achieve movement in the sales funnel. It’s important for sales reps to understand their target accounts, but research needs to go beyond browsing LinkedIn profiles and company websites. With conversation intelligence and AI-powered tools, reps can analyze previous call logs, industry data, and prospect information in real time — equipping them with a recommended script and tailored content so they can deliver added value to each prospect.
  2. Improve sales performance in real time. In the past, you probably supported your sales reps in a war room where everyone discussed the tricks of the trade. These kinds of learning opportunities are often unavailable in a remote environment, but technology can fill the void. For example, suppose you notice that a sales professional makes their call quota every day, but they struggle to close deals. If you wait until your next coaching session to address the problem, it likely means missed sales opportunities. With conversation intelligence that offers live feedback and suggestions, reps can access data-driven insights that immediately strengthen their sales skills and improve the prospect experience.
  3. Upgrade your coaching sessions. Maybe you oversee 15 sales reps who make 100 calls a day. It’s impossible to join all your team’s calls or listen to 1,500 daily recordings to monitor your reps’ performance. AI and conversation intelligence provide real-time insights on the best and worst calls of the day, connectivity rates, and your sales professionals’ strengths and weaknesses. The technology helps you identify coaching opportunities by flagging key moments on calls, surfacing insights for coaching, or immediate action.

Prospects expect a personalized approach at every stage of the buying journey. Integrating AI-powered conversation intelligence tools into your organization gives your sales reps access to real-time feedback and coaching — improving sales performance and personalizing prospect experiences. When sales reps build better connections with prospects, everybody wins — your reps, your prospects, and your business.

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