La Martina chooses Mapp for insight-led customer engagement

Mapp Digital, the international provider of cloud-based insight-led customer engagement, today announced that La Martina, a leading luxury apparel company, has chosen to use Mapp Cloud.

La Martina is a leading fashion brand from Italy specialising in polo clothing. The brand has a presence in the UK, with a store in London and a web shop.

The brand has chosen the Mapp Cloud platform to improve communication with its customers across its digital channels. La Martina is using Mapp Cloud to better know its customers, their browsing and shopping habits and their preferences, and to analyse and predict in real time the actions of anonymous visitors and customers on the site.

La Martina will use this information to launch cross-channel campaigns to offer a consistent, personalised and relevant experience, thus improving customers’ relationships with the brand.

Mapp designed a two-step plan for La Martina. The first objective was to replicate the data flows that are gained from the physical stores to those from ecommerce sales, in order to create a single view of the customer and achieve continuity across the existing communication plan. This project was completed in two weeks, allowing the brand to run its customised newsletters and marketing automation programmes through the new platform, replacing the CRM and marketing cloud used previously.

In the second part of the project, La Martina will enrich its existing marketing programs with insights based on customer data. This includes the real time personalisation of the browsing experience on the La Martina website; and the sharing of content and customised discounts via its newsletter and marketing automation programs, based on customer lifetime value.

Adrian Simonetti, president, La Martina, commented: “We consider the integration between sales and marketing channels to be strategic and fundamental to providing the consumer with a single vision of the brand. With marketing automation we can achieve increasingly targeted communication that is in line with the interests of the customer.”

Alessandro Milia, head of global omnicchannel, La Martina, added: “We were able to replicate the data already in our possession on the new platform in a very short time and we have started basic intelligence activities for successful digital marketing. We developed a welcome programme dedicated to customers, with the integration of a unique couponing system and a multilingual landing page to collect and stimulate subscription to the newsletter. We also implemented a programme to improve the ‘abandoned cart’, with the integration of Hybris. The more organisational and strategic part of the project was flanked by training sessions carried out by Mapp’s Italian account management and customer success team, aimed at training our omnichannel marketing team and our agency.”

Maurizio Alberti, VP global sales, Mapp added: “We are pleased to announce this partnership with a prestigious brand like La Martina. At this difficult time, companies must make decisions based on efficiency, and need partners that can guarantee the sharing of know-how through daily collaboration to maximise the value of the available data. La Martina will be able to count on our flexibility, creativity, willingness to innovate and to provide concrete results in the short and long term.”

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