Kitewheel Expands Journey Management Platform

Kitewheel, the leading solution provider for customer journey orchestration and analytics, today announced the integration of a new business intelligence (BI) platform to enhance its data and analytics visualization capabilities. This industry-leading addition to Kitewheel’s suite of customer journey solutions will provide richer experiences for analytics teams by allowing users to view all their data in one place and enable more efficient journey orchestration.

“As the needs of analytics teams expand, so too must our Business Intelligence tools”

Overall, this integration will provide faster time to insights and speed up the journey orchestration timeline. The platform generates user-friendly, comprehensive reports leveraging data from Kitewheel’s Journey Discovery Analytics and Kitewheel Data Model solutions. This self-service model also allows Kitewheel clients to customize data visualizations and report types depending on the insights and level of detail needed. Users will be able to interact with and explore their data, drilling down to extract unique, data-rich findings as well as export and share reports more easily. With multiple dashboards per project and threshold alerts, this new capability offers endless possibilities for enhancing customer journey initiatives.

“As the needs of analytics teams expand, so too must our Business Intelligence tools,” said Joshua Berkowitz, vice president of product at Kitewheel. “We are confident these self-service dashboards will bring Kitewheel’s analytical capabilities to the next level for our customers. By putting the power of analytics back in our clients’ hands, they will be able to easily digest and engage with their complex data stories in order to quickly glean insights and streamline journey orchestration.”

About Kitewheel

Kitewheel empowers the world’s largest businesses to understand and improve the consumer experience with the leading customer journey management platform. Kitewheel’s innovative Customer Journey Hub orchestrates intelligent customer journeys by unifying decisions across disparate systems, touchpoints, and technologies and provides seamless customer experiences that drive real-time revenue as well as long-term loyalty. Kitewheel serves its global partner and client base from offices in Boston and London.

For more information, please visit and follow Kitewheel on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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