Italians fined the most for GDPR violations

Italians ignoring laws? tell me it isn’t so

New research released today by Finbold reveals that Italians are shelling out the most for fines under the European privacy law.

With it being over two years since GDPR was implemented in the EU and EEA, the team over at Finbold has studied the fines and penalties that data protection authorities have imposed in the EU, by sourcing data from the GDPR Enforcement Tracker fines database.

Italy was the worst offender with 45,609,000 euro worth of fines over 13 cases. This figure was nearly six times the next worst offender which was Sweden. To be fair though the country with the most violations was Spain which had 72 cases – it was just that the fines there seem to be a lot lower.

The top ten EU countries with the biggest total GDPR fines are:

Rank Country Total Fines (€) No. Of Fines
1 Italy 45,609,000 13
2 Sweden 7,031,800 4
3 Netherlands 2,080,000 3
4 Spain 1,952,810 76
5 Germany 1,240,000 1
6 Norway 742,060 8
7 Belgium 717,000 7
8 Hungary 299,300 6
9 Finland 200,500 4
10 Ireland 115,000 2

The report said that more than €60,181,250 was spent by companies in fines under GDPR in the EU countries, as of 2020.
The biggest crime was not having a good enough reason to process data but doing it anyway.

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