Invoca and Decibel Partner to Improve Digital Experiences

Invoca, the leader in AI-powered call tracking and conversational analytics, today announced an integration with Decibel, the leader in digital experience analytics. For the first time, conversational analytics and digital customer experience data are combined to help companies uncover when and why consumers abandon digital experiences and reach out for help over the phone.

Both Invoca and Decibel use AI to highlight critical points of the customer experience. Decibel’s Digital Experience Score (DXS) rates individual website interactions as good, average, or poor, and Invoca’s conversational analytics classifies how calls are handled and the associated outcomes. This combined data set provides a full view of the online and offline customer journey, enabling digital teams to optimize the complete experience to increase customer acquisition, conversion, and revenue.

“In today’s environment, consumers are increasingly turning to online shopping, even for expensive or complex purchases that were once made face-to-face. This, paired with the fact that cart abandonment rates are higher than ever, signals a massive opportunity for brands to optimize the digital experience for more conversions and revenue,” said Cathie Brunnick, VP of partnerships and alliances at Invoca. “By integrating Invoca with Decibel, brands can finally understand the full breadth of customer needs in order to optimize the online buying experience and drive more revenue.”

Customer experience professionals, website owners, and digital teams can use Invoca conversational analytics with Decibel insights to uncover breakdowns in website navigation and conversion flow that result in website visitor phone calls. These insights help diagnose confusing or frustrating web experiences that result in a customer calling in for assistance instead of purchasing online.

It also reveals situations where sales are better handled on the phone, such as complex or expensive purchases where getting live, expert advice may be the tipping point to making a complex buying decision. Invoca call data allows Decibel users to see when they can direct consumers to call in order to increase conversion rates.

“Optimizing the customer experience to drive conversions on the phone or online is often seen as a one-or-the-other proposition,” said Decibel CTO, Timothy de Paris. “Our integration with Invoca reveals which experience is best for the customer while eliminating any frustrating bumps in the road along the way.”

How it works

  • The Invoca and Decibel integration works by connecting a user’s online web experience with the phone call it drove to create session-level insights.
  • Users can see exactly what the customer’s “digital body language” was, which pages they visited, what the user clicked, and web session replays that track on-screen cursor movement.
  • Decibel’s DXS (Digital Experience Score) rates each web session as either good, average, or poor, and each individual web session is linked to the phone call it drove along with the outcome and recording of the phone call from Invoca.
  • The call outcome is then linked directly to the quality of the web experience, and Decibel and Invoca users can listen to the associated call recording to hear exactly what the customer said to gain even more insight into what’s driving the experience scores.

Register for the Invoca Summer ’20 Release webinar on July 28, 2020 to learn more about this integration or visit

About Invoca

Invoca is an AI-powered call tracking and conversational analytics company that brings the depth of marketing analytics traditionally limited to digital consumer interactions to the world of human-to-human selling. With Invoca, marketers can use real-time call and conversational analytics to maximize the return of their paid media campaigns in Google and Facebook, and improve the buying experience by enriching customer profiles in Salesforce and Adobe Experience Cloud. With Fortune 500 customers and deep partnerships with the technologies marketers use every day, Invoca has raised $116M from leading venture capitalists including Accel, Upfront Ventures, H.I.G. Growth Partners, Morgan Stanley, and Salesforce Ventures. For more information, visit

About Decibel

Decibel is more than a digital experience analytics solution: it’s a group of passionate people seeking to create a world where every digital experience is effortless. Working with leading companies like Lego, Adidas, and Sony, we’re building technology that plugs the critical knowledge gap in how companies measure the quality of online customer experiences. Decibel’s technology crunches billions of data points to automatically identify poor experiences on websites and apps, and provides digital teams with the insights they need to optimize them. The world’s leading companies harness Decibel for better conversions, more engagement, and increased customer loyalty across their digital offerings. Find out more at

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