How To Survive The Latest Retail Apocalypse

The retail industry is resilient, but just as in years past, those that thrived were able to leverage digital experiences in new and powerful ways. 

Great Retail Experiences Draw The Line Between Thriving And Survival

In this report on the retail industry you will receive:

  • A deep look at how the landscape has changed for retail
  • Insights into core growth areas for retail brands
  • Trend analysis and tips to weather the retail apocalypse

Download the report here.

Kitewheel, the leading solution provider for customer journey orchestration and analytics, today released its first annual “State of the Retail Industry” report. The research explores key trends in the retail industry and offers recommendations on how brands can make the most of an evolving retail landscape. Overall, the findings revealed that consumers are ready to shop and spend, but they have new expectations and approaches; now more than ever, digital customer experience must be flawless.

The analysis emphasizes the continued and heightened importance of customer journey orchestration in order to perfect customer experiences (CX). In fact, CX has surpassed product quality and price as the most important differentiator for customer satisfaction. Personalized experiences are also essential: according to a recent industry report, 63% of consumers are willing to give data in exchange for more personalized experiences, and 80% are more likely to spend when they experience a personalized journey. The data is clear: by simultaneously streamlining and personalizing the customer journey, brands can gain and retain customer trust, engagement, and loyalty.

The report also examines how consumers’ habits have been broken and reshaped during the COVID-19 pandemic. More than 8,300 stores closed in 2020, and a recent survey found that only 28% of consumers plan to increase in-store shopping in the next six months. In short, customers have largely accepted the move away from brick-and-mortar shops and will continue to primarily pursue e-commerce shopping methods. This can be attributed to new habits, safety precautions, and added convenience. Consumers have also shed brand loyalty, with three of four having tried new brands in 2020.

Looking ahead to 2021

This report provides a clear look at the rapidly fluctuating retail landscape, while identifying strategies for brands to both attract new customers and retain those likely to ‘defect’ to competitors. In response to all the changes in 2020, it will be more important than ever for brands to maximize engagement with a customized digital marketing strategy that incorporates intelligent ads, personalized email communication, and user-friendly mobile experiences. With the retail industry rife with opportunities, Kitewheel provides recommendations on how best to thrive through expert insight into where today’s customers want to be met.

“Journey orchestration is the glue that holds a brand’s customer experience together,” said Mark Smith, president of Kitewheel. “Customers are in a different place than they were in 2019, and brands need to tackle these seismic shifts head-on in order to meet and support customers where they are. Without bold changes to customer experience, brands will struggle to keep up in 2021.”

Kitewheel developed this report drawing from industry news and studies from 2020, as well as insights drawn from its work with customers throughout the retail space. For more information, including overall study findings and key takeaways, download the Kitewheel “State of the Retail Industry” report at

About Kitewheel

Kitewheel empowers the world’s largest businesses to understand and improve the consumer experience with the leading customer journey management platform. Kitewheel’s innovative Customer Journey Hub orchestrates intelligent customer journeys by unifying decisions across disparate systems, touchpoints, and technologies and provides seamless customer experiences that drive real-time revenue as well as long-term loyalty through journey analytics and orchestration. Kitewheel serves its global partner and client base from offices in Boston, New York City and London.

For more information, please visit and follow Kitewheel on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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