Dynata Expands Connected Data Strategy

Dynata, the world’s largest first-party data platform for insights, activation, and measurement, continues to grow its patented Connected Data offering through the combination of strategic data partnerships and expanded capabilities, making it easy to connect multiple data sets with Dynata’s proprietary fully permissioned first-party data  comprised of consumers and business-to-business professionals, vetted and verified and with complete opt-in – to seamlessly and automatically enrich and deliver full profile views of target audiences.

This need is critical as 3rd party cookies are eliminated and researchers, advertisers and publishers alike challenged maintain effective marketing and advertising, creating a real-time feedback loop that ensures access to the insights they need with both speed and scale. Rich first party data combined with second- and third-party sources, can increase the efficacy of campaign targeting and enhance advertising effectiveness at scale.

Dynata’s patented Connected Data offering delivers those data-driven insights by connecting the industry’s largest database of fully permissioned first-party data with second- and third-party data to uncover holistic viewpoints. Disparate data sets can be brought together in a privacy-safe manner that ensures information remains protected and secure, and enhanced through technology integrations. Data remains protected and available, and because it is connected with explicit opt-in secured on a global scale – opportunities emerge to better understand target audiences and making it easier to tie attitudinal and behavioral data, improving segmentation analysis and bridging the gap between primary and secondary research.

Advertisers, agencies and publishers can take advantage of Dynata’s diverse ecosystem of commercial partners and data sources, revealing deeper insights into the needs of their target audiences and uncovering the holistic viewpoints for a complete picture of the customer and market. This creates high-quality engagement, at scale, powered by the industry’s largest fully permissioned first-party data with real insights from real vetted and verified people.

“Our clients rely on connected data sources – their own data, our data and other data – to understand their customers better,” said Gary S. Laben, CEO of Dynata. “This, in turn, allows for more customized messaging and media targeting that ensure better activation and optimization of campaigns, delivering the real-time feedback essential to effective marketing and advertising. In a cookieless world that is challenging ad targeting and measurement, first-party data is even more important to identify and meet the needs of modern consumers in a personalized and relevant way. Dynata enables clients to use survey data they couldn’t use for segmentation and advertising, modeling and scaling, driving better and faster decision-making and a seamless customer experience.”

Spanning the marketing continuum, Dynata’s Connected Data offering delivers capabilities that include:

  • Research & InsightsDynata enriches market research, segmentation, brand tracking and other survey work for CRM data-matching, enabling the creation of targeted panels that leverage enhanced targeting and data enrichment. Recent examples include enrichment of Omnicom’s Signal data platform.
  • Advertising and Marketing Technology – Dynata’s extensive ad technology and connectivity partner network – including LiveRamp, Neustar and InfoSum – enriches data, enabling companies to make insights more actionable, measurable and ultimately more impactful as part of a larger data-driven marketing ecosystem, facilitating more precise and informed data-driven marketing and advertising strategies.
  • Publishing & Measurement – Dynata enables the optimal media mix based on your key brand metrics and optimize your campaign performance across publishers, platforms and creative in real-time to optimize in-flight elements across campaign delivery – even in a cookieless world.

The full complement of Dynata’s Connected Data offering help power the Dynata Platform, delivering access to a wide range of solutions and services to simplify the research process, reduce the time gap between data and action and increase efficiencies. Connected data – fully secure and readily protected– helps build actionable insights, drive marketing campaigns and measure campaign effectiveness with target audiences to create high-quality engagement, at scale.

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