Dublin-based CX Academy signs deal to expand into Asia

Dublin-based e-learning company the CX Academy has expanded into Asia, signing a deal with RemarkAPAC that kicks off a 12-month expansion plan in the region.

The company, which offers online professional certification programmes in customer experience, will begin offering its courses in Singapore before growing further.

Managing director of the CX Academy Julian Douglas said the Singapore agreement as a significant milestone.

“In a short time, we’ve established the CX Academy as the standard for certified customer experience qualifications. Over half our sales to date have been to international learners and we are confident that the Asian market will be receptive to the university credit-rated diploma and certificate courses we’ve developed,” he said. “In Singapore, the government is now actively subsidising professional online courses and encouraging companies to invest in staff as opposed to letting them go because of the virus.”

CX Academy currently offers its courses to learners in 25 countries, including the UK, Germany and the US. Its clients include companies such as Oracle, AXA insurance, IKEA and ING Bank.

“Closer to home, there are over 250,000 CX and customer-centric professionals in the UK alone who are without a qualification in customer experience, so we see significant opportunities internationally in this fast-growing sector,” Mr Douglas said. “Clearly this is a hugely challenging time for companies and the shocking impact of the coronavirus has changed the international economic landscape. However, some green shoots are already emerging in Asia and one of the key learnings which has emerged from the current crisis for companies is the importance of effective online strategies.”

Founded in 2019 by Michael Killeen and Mr Douglas, CX Academy currently employs 11 people and has five contractors. It is backed by Enterprise Ireland and has raised more than €750,000 from private investors.

This announcement originally appeared in Irish Times.

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