Drift Launches Audiences to Quantify Digital Marketing

Drift, a conversational marketing platform provider, has launched Drift Audiences, which unifies sales and marketing data silos to reveal who is on company websites and where so companies can engage in real-time conversations.

“There are a lot of tools that can tell you who is on your website and a lot of others that can give you a report that you can act on later,” said David Cancel, founder and CEO of Drift, in a statement. “But that’s not enough. With Drift Audiences, we’re bringing all of the data together in one place so you can take action and turn it into revenue immediately.”

Drift Audiences reveals which pages are getting the most traffic, how many site visitors are being engaged, and how many of those are converting into leads. It also allows users to act on this data to create personalized conversations with these visitors in real time, based on the size of the business, their industry, their location, and whether they have been engaged in the past.

Drift Audiences will also tell which site visitors are coming to your site from a specific marketing campaign, identify target accounts on websites and notify the account owner for engagement while the account is still on the website.

Drift Audiences can also proactively discover new audiences that are coming to company websites.

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