DISQO Quantifies the Consumer Recall Gap in New Report

Study uncovers need for unified attitudinal and behavioral audience insights

Source: Disqo

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 22, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Leveraging behavioral data in conjunction with attitudinal insights may help researchers close the recall gap, based on a new study released today by consumer insights platform DISQO. The report assesses the variation between what consumers recall shopping for online versus their actual behaviors, which is known as the consumer recall gap.

Participants were members of the DISQO Audience who had opted in to behavioral tracking, which measured their digital shopping activities in comparison to their individual responses to survey questions. The study assessed whether individual responses matched corresponding behaviors.

The study found that while consumers are able to recall general behaviors with relative accuracy, their recollection of specific shopping activities faltered.

  • Respondents overestimated online shopping for electronics up to 26%
  • Respondents overestimated online shopping for personal care items up to 35%

The divergence between what consumers report and their actual behavior is not a new concern. However, it is rarely measured. As a result of DISQO’s study, the importance of leveraging multiple market research methodologies, particularly to better understand what people say and do, has been quantified.

“We are always investigating and advancing the pursuit of data quality and accuracy. Incorporating behavioral signals into our market research is an important step toward that goal, and must be deployed to get an accurate view of consumer activity,” said Carl Van Ostrand, VP of Consumer Insights at DISQO. “While surveys are crucial in understanding audience sentiment, reliance on recollection alone provides only a partial picture. By unifying attitudinal and behavioral data, marketers and researchers can attain a higher level of clarity and understanding.”

Understanding online behavior has been a priority for e-commerce sites for years, and now even traditional brick-and-mortar retailers are starting to take notice of the need to better understand the digital path to purchase. For instance, the online grocery shopping industry is expected to soon reach $100 billion a year domestically (Source: FMI and Nielsen 2018), and major grocers are starting to take notice.

Applying what has been discovered about the consumer recall gap and the industry need for more robust insights, DISQO’s Van Ostrand will be taking the stage at the IA Corporate Researchers Conference in Orlando, Florida, to share how layering both passive behavioral and in-the-moment attitudinal data drives improved understanding of grocery shoppers.

In its pursuit to help the world innovate and create more enjoyable experiences, DISQO is committed to continually advancing data quality and accuracy. DISQO is the only insights platform to offer both attitudinal and behavioral insights for a 100% first party audience, and layering in behavioral data is the next step in a process for elevating market research and advancing the market research industry.

To learn more about DISQO, please visit https://www.disqo.com/.

DISQO is a consumer-first insights platform that delivers unprecedented data and analytics to the market research industry. The company powers insights professionals and marketers with automated solutions that drive consumer research and improve ad effectiveness. Today, DISQO delivers an accurate and complete view of the consumer via technology built on the foundation of the largest first-party research audience. By engaging consumers who choose to share their attitudes and behaviors, DISQO captures the highest quality data, empowering its clients to make confident decisions. Founded in 2015, DISQO is headquartered in Los Angeles, California with over 120 employees.

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Blast PR for DISQO
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