Dish seeks loyalty boost with blockchain deal

Dish Network forged a collaboration with Cardano cryptocurrency creator Input Output Global (IOG) it predicted would accelerate customer loyalty programmes and simplify connecting businesses with consumers.

In a video announcement, Dish Network explained its flagship prepaid Boost Mobile MVNO brand will benefit from the alliance right away.

Boost Mobile EVP Stephen Stokols noted blockchain-based technology will enable Dish Network to reclaim some of the value other operators had “given away to app stores and software providers”.

Stokols predicted Dish Network will offer customers loyalty points when they subscribe to the MVNO, with the blockchain cryptocurrency making it easier for those rewards to be cashed in with other companies.

The Boost Mobile executive added the Dish Network programme had the potential to grow faster than airline loyalty schemes based on traditional currency.

Stokols added the collaboration will provide Dish Network the means to offer cryptocurrency to “the underserved, underbanked population”.

Dish Network will also use the blockchain technology to provide a secure digital identity to its customers: Stokols noted unifying the large number people currently have is an opportunity for mobile operators.

Cryptocurrency has been accepted as payment by Dish Network since 2014, a strategy it advanced through a deal with BitPay in 2018.


This article originally appeared in MobileWorldLive.

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