Digital Adoption Solutions is Recognized by Gartner as a New Category

Digital Adoption Solutions Pioneer Whatfix Included in Gartner’s Research Report on Increase Sales Productivity with Digital Adoption Solutions and the Hype Cycle for CRM Sales Technology 2019

 Whatfix, the leading digital adoption platform, announced it has been named in two Gartner research reports, including:

  • Increase Sales Productivity with Digital Adoption Solutions, published May 21, 2019 by Melissa Hilbert; and
  • Hype Cycle for CRM Sales Technology 2019, published July 10, 2019 by Adnan ZijadicTheodore Travis and Melissa Hilbert.

“We are delighted to be recognized by Gartner in the DAS space,” said Khadim Batti, CEO of Whatfix Inc. “Enterprises increasingly face a digital adoption and digital skills gap. Our customer are using Whatfix across a variety of their CRM, Human Capital Management, ERP and End User Computing applications to achieve higher user adoption and digital proficiency everywhere.”

According to Gartner, “Digital adoption solutions are used to improve adoption of multiple tools across the organization. The software walks a user through business processes across multiple products. It provides a consistent user experience, eliminating in some cases manual entry. It supplies visually clear paths to complete tasks. It enables sellers to be onboarded faster and improve productivity. Sales is a key use case but this technology can apply to other areas in an organization as well as to external products sold by an organization.”

The report also states that “DAS will overlay a guided workflow to encourage users to execute tasks consistently and most efficiently. The analytics the solutions provide will enable sales enablement and sales operations to understand where users are struggling or abandoning the process. This will enable the process workflow to be altered and optimized for better performance.” says Melissa Hilbert, Sr. Director Analyst, Gartner.

According to the Hype Cycle for CRM Sales Technology 2019, “Gartner’s inquiry volume on digital adoption solutions has increased 66% this past year. They should be used to increase overall adoption and ROI of other purchased point solutions. These solutions increase usage of multiple point solutions, helping sellers gain efficiency and provide a faster time to full performance for new hires. The primary use case is for sales onboarding to get them up to full productivity faster utilizing multiple point solutions. The second use case helps with process change management. The technology requires little technical requirements and deploys quickly. It is deployed mainly on top of cloud solutions showing little if any degradation in performance of the original software. The products are beginning to use machine learning and analytics on usage to help organizations overcome obstacles. The main obstacle to large adoption will be quantifiable evidence that can be attributed to improved performance and justification for the expense of another training solution. Digital adoption solutions do not replace formal training or sales training solutions.”

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In addition, the report Gartner gave DAS a “High” Benefit Rating and notes that “Digital adoption solutions can provide high value to an organization looking to improve adoption of existing tools. Performing tasks more quickly can lead to new sellers becoming fully productive faster. Tenured sellers will be able to focus more on selling than execution of tasks and providing the best path through accomplishing tasks resulting in elimination of manual and ‘offline’ data input and tracking.”

Gartner further notes that, “Application leaders supporting sales should investigate these solutions where there is lack of adoption for sales force automation as a first use case. If there are multiple applications that connect to work with the SFA, these should be considered as a bundled purchase to minimize pricing of the overall solution. Make sure to include sellers in the design and testing of the workflows and to benchmark and track improvements to performance.”

“At Experian, our mission is to empower our employees to get the right training to the right people at the right time. Whatfix’s digital adoption platform enables us to customize our Salesforce and create a multi-cultural process to cater to our employee’s needs, giving us the flexibility we need to seamlessly onboard and train our employees,” said Lee Glenn, senior specialist, Global CRM Training at Experience.

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