Delivery Solutions adds Split Cart Technology

Delivery Solutions, the leading provider of third-party aggregation and orchestration software for last-mile delivery and fulfillment, is expanding its platform with innovative split cart and curbside kit technology to create a seamless and streamlined shopping and post-purchase experience for customers. These new features enhance the overall platform experience, continuing Delivery Solutions’ tradition of providing retailers with unrivaled customer service and last-mile delivery services.

The all-new extension, available to Delivery Solutions platform enterprises, allows merchants to make inventory across distribution centers and stores available to consumers in a single cart experience. The advanced technology provides a single consolidated view for the consumer as it relates to their cart, allowing for a more meaningful and engaging customer experience. With a focus on experience-driven orchestration, split cart enables retailers to make distributed inventory and fulfillment available to the consumer while maintaining a unified quality customer experience.

“In the last two years, the consumer experience has shifted dramatically, and it is our responsibility as leaders in delivery technology to evolve and shift with customer expectations,” said Delivery Solutions Co-Founder Arshaad Mirza. “We want to provide the best experience possible for both our retailers in store operations and their customers, and we are excited to introduce our split cart and curbside kit technologies as a continuing innovation and an integral new component of the Delivery Solutions experience.”

Along with the addition of Split Cart, Delivery Solutions is introducing a curbside kit to e-commerce retailer apps. The new curbside kit functionality enables retailers with accurate, live-proximity location and time of arrival updates. Retailers can have visibility to customers en route and parked spots at the store for curbside pickup, without customers having to text their check in. This technology significantly reduces the waiting time for all pick ups (customer curbside or in-store pick up and delivery driver pick up) because the package is staged and ready to be delivered before the customer even pulls into the parking lot.

Delivery Solutions aims to elevate the customer experience by providing retailers with innovative fulfillment, delivery, and post-purchase experiences. Across multiple industries, from grocery, pharmacy, retail, and beauty, the company offers same-day delivery capabilities, curbside pickup options, and in-app purchase with in-store pickup choices to create an end-to-end experience for both retailers and their customers.

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About Delivery Solutions

Delivery Solutions offers an experience driven orchestration platform that enables success for many of the world’s leading omnichannel retail clients across multiple categories. With a powerful single API and dashboard, Delivery Solutions provides a vast last-mile ecosystem as well as best-in-class solutions for same-day delivery, curbside, in-store pickup, shipping, lockers, autonomous, drones, and enhanced post-purchase notifications. This last-mile delivery optimization includes innovative fulfillment models that both future-proof omnichannel strategies and enhance brands, allowing the ultimate customer delivery experience.

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