Data Startup Syncari Lures Product Marketing Head From MuleSoft, Announces New Features

Syncari went to press with a triple announcement: First, the former head of product marketing at MuleSoft will now lead its marketing. Second, it has a new cohort of customers that includes Certent. And third, it has new features that make Syncari the only complete data automation platform.

“I’m thrilled to be joining such a well-positioned team,” said Landgraf, who joined MuleSoft in 2012 and watched it grow from scrappy startup to market leader in integration and API management by the time it went public and was subsequently acquired by Salesforce. “Syncari has the same ingredients necessary for success: A great product and a great team positioned to ride a set of market forces that are aligning in its favor.”

By this, Landgraf is referring to the explosion of apps and data, the rise of citizen developers, and a deafening cry for more ways to automate the manual, error-prone task of moving data around the enterprise. Companies today are swimming in data. The challenge is ensuring it’s available and accurate across a company’s top systems. And with its complete platform, Syncari does just that.

Syncari Unveils a ‘Complete Data Automation Platform’

The traditional challenge with data is that every system—the CRM, the ERP, the marketing automation platform—are all competing to be the ‘single source of truth.’ This has reinforced departmental silos and stoked team rivalries. Only Syncari’s complete data automation platform offers ‘a third way.’

Without writing code, operators in marketing, sales, revenue, and finance can use Syncari to visualize, organize, and clean customer data from a unified view. Syncari then automatically delivers clean, trusted data back to the apps that need it and keeps them in sync with each other as better data emerges. Syncari’s most recent feature releases make this even easier:

Store and visualize customer data instantly 

  • Data Store: Securely store and view all customer data in one place—no data warehouse required.
  • Data Studio: Create filterable cross-application data views to identify insights from fragmented systems and manipulate data on-demand.

Organize data centrally

  • Schema Studio: Centrally manage schemas across connected systems. Create, delete or retire fields from a shared data dictionary.
  • Unified data model: Automatically generate and expose a unified schema for all your data, no matter where it lives. Define a golden customer record in hours, not months or years.

Clean, enrich, and dedupe data easily

  • Data enrichment templates: Enrich account records based on email or company name with pre-built templates for Clearbit and ZoomInfo data.
  • Data governance templates: Apply normalization templates for common fields like name, or phone number and manage duplicates to eliminate costly data problems.

Keep all apps in sync automatically

  • Intelligent, codeless Synapses for Salesforce, Marketo, Hubspot, Netsuite, Xero, Zendesk Google Sheets, Snowflake, Airtable, SalesLoft, Outreach and Amplitude empower operators to keep apps synchronized with clean, trusted data.

These features allow companies to automate their data operations in unique and, as some customers are finding, surprising ways.

It’s a game-changer for customers like Certent

The team at the equity management software company Certent connected a Hubspot and Netsuite instance in one day. “We had been working to normalize data between our NetSuite and HubSpot instances for about a year,” says Nick Talbert, Director of Digital Marketing and Operations. Syncari was able to one-click integrate with both systems and give me an end-to-end picture of my customer data without writing a single line of code.”

Another mid-sized customer connected their Marketo and Amplitude subscriptions in a way the software vendors didn’t intend. The team wanted to use product events to trigger marketing workflows. Only Syncari offered the answer. According to the customer, “Syncari allowed us to go from concept in production in a day, no IT required.”

With the new team, new customer cohort, and expanded capabilities, Syncari is well-positioned to define the data automation category.

“I’m thrilled to have Aaron, such a strong industry leader, joining the team,” says Nick Bonfiglio, CEO and Founder of Syncari. “Startups are one part product and three parts awesome team, and we have all the right ingredients.”

Media Contact: 
Nick Bonfiglio
[email protected]
Instant Data Visibility
Syncari now allows operators to store, view and filter customer data across fragmented systems like Salesforce, Hubspot, NetSuite, and Amplitude to identify cross-application insights and manipulate data on-demand.

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