Daasity Raises $15m Series A

Four and a half years ago, we started building what became Daasity in our first customer’s office. It was a classic case of creating something out of necessity: we were eCommerce consultants, and we couldn’t get or analyze the Shopify data we needed using the data tools out there.

Now, Daasity is the only analytics tool that is a Shopify Certified App Partner, and over 1600 consumer product brands rely on Daasity to get the most out of their data every day.

It’s been incredible to see your brands grow so quickly and efficiently by getting out of spreadsheets, optimizing budgets, building better long-term relationships with customers, and understanding how the right data can power faster, better decisions. It’s incredible to see, and it’s an honor to work with you every day.

I’m thrilled to say that we’re just getting started, even though we grew over 300% in 2021 alone. We raised $15m to provide a clearer future for consumer product brands that no longer need to rely as heavily on lucky bets and gut feelings. Here’s the future we want to build for brands:

  • The ability to configure components of their data stack as easily as they select food from a menu
  • Access to data from the best of breed tools they use on a daily basis
  • The ability to push any of their data to their marketing channels, for true 1-to-1 marketing personalization
  • To be empowered with the resources, support, and understanding to leverage their data in every aspect of their business

We’re grateful and encouraged that our current investors oversubscribed the $15 million round, led again by VMG Catalyst and with continued support from Cove Fund, Exeter Capital, 1855 Capital, Mooring Ventures, Okapi Venture Capital, and Serra Ventures.

Thank you so much for your consistent guidance and confidence.

How will we invest this money?

This funding will rapidly accelerate the expansion and development of Daasity products as well as our merchant education efforts in order to bring our vision to fruition: Daasity is making eCommerce data accessible in the same way that Shopify made eCommerce accessible.

We’re growing our headcount by over 100% this year, and we’re hiring eCommerce and analytics veterans who know the space inside out. We’re also investing more in education to enable the next generation of eCommerce analysts to develop their skills and mature in their career.

On the product side

We’re adding to our list of incredible partners with 35 more integrations.

  • New data sources, like TikTok Ads, so your business always knows what’s driving performance
  • New data warehousing (and OLAP) options, like BigQuery, so you can manage your data in any environment
  • New data transform capabilities, like dbt (+ more pre-built data models), empowering your team to build the right data configuration for your brand
  • New visualization tools, like Tableau, to present your data in your preferred BI tool.
  • New destinations for Audiences to have as much customer data in as many marketing channels as you need

On the merchant education side

The best data in the world won’t matter unless you know how to leverage it to make better business decisions. That’s why we’re going to be expanding our tools, resources, and content to dive deeper into how to run analyses, share insights with the team, and action your data throughout your tech stack.

We’ll be adding tons of new support documentation, explanatory articles, analytics education series, and enhancing previous articles. Additionally, we’ll be increasing our blog output to provide deep-dives on eCommerce topics and strategies and highlight what’s coming next in the space.

And, all of this wouldn’t be possible…

Without you, our brands, partners, and the extraordinary Daasity team. It’s a privilege to work alongside you and learn from you every day.

I couldn’t be more excited for 2022, the continued growth of eCommerce, and the future of eCommerce analytics.

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