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CRMC & TheCustomer: An Interview with Devon Wylie

In our most recent Conversation-with-TheCustomer, Michael Fisher and I sat down with Devon Wylie, President of CRMC, to talk about one of the most important events in retail.

What do you do when you produce one of the most important events in retail and you’re asked (ok – told) to stand down?

In our most recent Conversation with TheCustomer, Michael Fisher and I sat down with Devon Wylie, President of CRMC, to talk about that very thing.

CRMC & TheCustomer – An Interview with Devon Wylie from TheCustomer on Vimeo.

Mike Giambattista of TheCustomer, along with Michael Fisher, chat with Devon Wylie of CRMC about the upcoming event in Chicago later this year

As a matter of background, CRMC is a once-a-year event that gathers some of the most important personalities and technologies powering the retail world for a perfect-size gathering in Chicago each summer.  Having attended for the past several years, and having benefitted from the experience, I’m admittedly biased toward encouraging readers to attend.  But then coronavirus happened and Devon and her team have had to re-think the event on a wholesale level.

Disclosure:  The other person you’ll see in this video is Michael Fisher.  He is both a friend and a board member at TheCustomer.  Michael and I first met at CRMC and have become close friends and collaborators since.

For running one of the most important events in this space, Devon is, as you’ll see, remarkably down to earth and candid.  She spent some time with us talking about CRMC and her plans for it, and also what she is seeing and hearing from retailers as they prepare for the post-shake-up world of customer engagement.

It was a lively discussion and we covered a lot of ground.  I hope you enjoy watching this conversation as much as we enjoyed having it.

Learn more about CRMC’s upcoming event this October.

Further Disclosure: CRMC and TheCustomer are working on a series of interviews with brands, technology providers and service providers to round out some of the topics you’ll be hearing at CRMC this fall.  Stay tuned.


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