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Conversations with TheCustomer: Elissa Moses, CEO of BrainGroup Global

Consumer research has come a long way over the past decade but particularly so over the past year or two.  New technologies are enabling new insights and better, higher quality decision-making.  We sat down with Elissa Moses, CEO of BrainGroup Global to talk about some of the current “cutting edge” consumer research technologies as well as how some brands are leveraging these new insights to form better bonds with, and more holistic and profitable relationships with their customers.

Conversations with TheCustomer – Elissa Moses, CEO of BrainGroup Global from TheCustomer on Vimeo.

Elissa Moses is CEO of BrainGroup Global and partner in HARK Connect and Bellwether Citizen Response. She is a leader in developing scientific and tech enabled new methods for measuring human emotions, influencing consumer behavior, and strengthening brand strategy. Formerly she was the CEO of the Ipsos Global Neuro and Behavioral Science Center, Chief Analytics Officer at EmSense, Managing Partner at Grey Advertising and SVP, Head of Global Consumer Intelligence and Strategy at Philips. She was also the head of Planning at DMB&B and Founder/Managing Director of BrainWaves.  And that’s only a partial bio.

So far, we’ve published two of Elissa’s articles:

Branding in the Coronavirus Age of Scarcity (PART 1): 5 Predictions that Will Change Marketing


Branding in the Age of Coronavirus Scarcity (PART 2): New Research Methods to Make Brands Less Vulnerable

It was this second article that prompted our conversation and, as you’ll see, she has a uniquely qualified perspective on the world of consumer research and how creative and agile organizations are leveraging these new insights.

Elissa is a frequent industry author, including a book on marketing to global youth, The $100 Billion Allowance, and a popular international speaker. She is a member of C200, a corporate advisor and seeks board opportunities. [email protected]

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