Contentgine Appoints new CMO

Contentgine®, the World Leader in Intent by Engagement™ lead generation, announced today that it has hired veteran Chief Marketing Officer Ian Dix to lead its customer-facing activities. Dix will report to the Office of the Chief Executive Officer and oversee the company’s sales enablement and marketing functions.

Dix brings a wealth of experience to the role, having served as the Chief Marketing Officer for three Fortune 500 companies, and four growth-stage companies, all of which achieved a successful exit.

“I’ve spent my career utilizing every type of lead generation tool available, and found most to be of middling quality,” Dix said. “I jumped at the chance to work with Contentgine® because I instantly saw their value: identifying a real prospect by name, company, and other demographic data from those who had recently accessed content in a particular category.

“There isn’t a better indicator of intent to buy than someone doing case study research in a market space,” Dix continued, “and the company’s methodology for using content consumption as an indicator of buying intent is both unique and brilliant. I’m very much looking forward to showing my friends and former colleagues what real intent data can do.”

Through Contentgine®, potential solution seekers have access to more than 400,000 assets — the world’s largest business-to-business content collection.

“Contentgine® is achieving astounding growth with brand-name companies because we’ve gone beyond the vague intent data of yesterday to real identification of buying intent,” said Chief Operating Officer Paul Hong. “Ian understood that value immediately and we’re very excited for him to bring his perspective as a former customer of this marketspace to our marketing efforts.” (

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