CompleteCSM, Inc. Raises Seed Round

CompleteCSM, Inc., a rapidly growing software company that democratizes Customer Success Intelligence, announced closing their first round of funding with an investment led by Griswald Investments, LLC. The company’s first seed raise also included funding from individual investors of CompleteCSM friends and family.

CompleteCSM is a Customer Success Intelligence platform designed to extend Customer Platforms helping organizations capture every customer interaction, understand what is being said and deliver insights for an enhanced customer experience. There is also a Digital Coach to teach the team how to work with customers using Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

CompleteCSM is emerging from a year of product development, a tight set of enterprise pilot customers, and a popular app on the Zoom marketplace. This round of funding will allow further eco-system integration to add product breadth as well as accelerate revenue monetization of the platform, driving awareness of CompleteCSM’s cutting edge approach to Customer Success Intelligence.

“We’re created the industry’s first Intelligence Platform for Customer Success, integrating AI technologies from Google, AWS, covert startups and top education and research institutions,” said Co-founder and CEO Bryan Plaster. “This initial funding round is enabling the democratization of AI for every customer success team to provide enlightening experiences to their customers at scale.”

According to Griswald Investments, their firm is on a mission to back bold technology companies challenging today’s narratives with AI. “Lots of innovative ideas fail without good executives. Lots of great executives fail without great products,” said Managing Partner Mike Smith. “AI and Customer Success couples both committed leadership and revolutionary technology.”

Customer Success Evangelist and board advisor Dan Steinman commented, “I’m so excited to be a part of the CompleteCSM journey with Bryan and Bhupendra. And now my excitement is raised a notch with the confirmation from the world-class investors involved in this funding round. Having been immersed in the Customer Success world for 15+ years, it’s clear to me that the next generation of Customer Success is at our fingertips and CompleteCSM is executing on it. The next few years in this new world of Customer Success Intelligence will be amazing.”

CompleteCSM co-founder Bhupendra Chopra says additional features and benefits are on the horizon with the conclusion of this funding round. “This investment provides the opportunity to further develop our product with deep learning ML and advanced NLP algorithms, and to deliver our product seamlessly into the Customer Success ecosystem.”

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