Comarch Unveils DIAMETRICS® Loyalty Program Health Check

Comarch, a global provider of software-defined products and services for driving customer loyalty, has revealed the latest addition to its portfolio called DIAMETRICS®, which is a proprietary methodology for conducting an in-depth health check of one’s loyalty program. Using this framework, Comarch’s loyalty experts can evaluate the program’s KPIs in reference to industry benchmarks and identify key areas of underperformance.

The new DIAMETRICS® methodology will allow Comarch’s clients to determine exactly what measures they need to take to improve their loyalty programs and, ultimately, increase their customers’ engagement. Following the principles of DIAMETRICS®, Comarch can perform a detailed analysis of rivaling loyalty programs, measure customer satisfaction via carefully designed surveys, verify program contribution to sales growth, and analyze a given company’s loyalty related IT infrastructure. The findings are consolidated into a single DIAMETRICS® Loyalty Program Health Check Report, which includes recommendations on the design of the loyalty program and advice on how to make improvements in each of the reviewed areas.

“What should a loyalty program health check project look like? By working and discussing this matter with our clients, we found that it should refer to the benchmarks of related programs and market trends, that its research branches should correspond directly to the company’s core fields of operation (such as marketing, sales, customer service, etc.), and that it should provide a both clear and visually attractive presentation of results and recommendations. The methodology we developed has now become our registered trademark. This will allow Comarch to deliver unique strategy advisory services that will help companies improve customer engagement significantly,” – says Marcin Sobek, Director Loyalty & Marketing Consulting at Comarch.

If you want to know more about DIAMETRICS®, please visit the official website or contact Comarch at [email protected].

About Comarch
Comarch is a global provider of advanced IT services and software for business management, including AI-powered platforms for driving brand loyalty and improving customer engagement. The company has over 25 years of experience in carrying out loyalty management projects all over the world. Among its clients are JetBlue Airways, Heathrow Airport, BP, Carrefour, Heineken, Goodyear, Pepsi, and Vodafone.

SOURCE Comarch S.A.

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