Integrates with ZOOM, the leading Conversation Intelligence Platform for high-growth sales teams, today announced the most secure and compliant meeting recording experience on the market. is the only solution available that ensures Zoom’s native visual and audio recording notification is activated for any Chorus-recorded meeting, eliminating the need for a sales rep to provide notice to every meeting participant.

Conversation intelligence platform, @chorus_ai, announces the only native Zoom integration delivering the most-secure recording compliance for enterprise

In addition to full compliance, the integration delivers a best-in-class user experience with the highest quality video, lowest latency and most control over the recording process in the Conversation Intelligence Category. Stopping and starting recording is now easier, making the overall experience and interaction better for both the sales reps and prospects.

“Announcing a meeting is being recorded is important, but sales professionals don’t always remember to do it,” said Roy Raanani, CEO and Co-Founder of “In the last four years, we have proven the incredible business value of recording sales meetings and using the insights to improve performance across the board. The law requires businesses to notify meeting participants if a meeting is being recorded, which can be difficult to enforce at scale. Our native Zoom integration removes this risk for businesses using Zoom and this headache for sales reps, all while creating a better user experience.”

Call recordings are a sales team’s best asset – much like film review in professional sports. Recording calls and sharing learnings across the sales organization provides the opportunity for reps to learn from the top performers, new reps to ramp more quickly, sales leaders to coach more effectively and even close deals by collaborating within the company. But, some large organizations have been shy to start call recording because of recording notification compliance risk.

“Compliance for today’s technologies is an increasingly complex challenge,” said Adam Snukal, a specialist in global privacy and data security compliance obligations and partner at Greenberg Traurig. “Particularly when it comes to technologies that facilitate our most basic human behaviors like the ability to communicate, but in a medium which captures, analyzes, stores and transmits those communications across various ecosystems. The kinds of solutions today that seem to rise above the pack are those that successfully balance utility, commercialization and compliance without detracting from their ease of use. Chorus’s solution seems to have achieved this unique balance in an otherwise crowded playing field of managed conferencing technology options.”

Compliance warnings are often met through an audio announcement when a participant joins a call, either with automation or by the call leader. This poses problems for those joining late, or sales reps not wanting to start a relationship with a prospect by asking them to record, making the call non-compliant. Additionally, regulations vary from state to state. Chorus’s partnership with Zoom ensures all parties are aware, with the recording message visible on-screen, at all times.

“As a software provider in the legal space, our team understands the importance, and headache, of compliance,” said Kevin Cohn, Chief Customer Officer at Brightflag. “Remaining easily and fully compliant with all call recording laws without sacrificing the deep insights we can pull from conversations opens the door for our team to create more engaging interactions.”

Zoom not only partners with, but also uses the technology internally and attributed it as a factor in its explosive growth prior to its recent IPO. Greg Holmes, Head of Sales at Zoom, said, “ has helped us become a smarter sales organization as we’ve scaled. We have visibility into our sales conversations and what is working across all of our offices. We’ve seen a drastic reduction in new hire ramp times and higher sales productivity with even more reps hitting quota. is a game-changer.”

For more information on how to win more deals and coach reps to become top performers with robust call recording, real-time transcription and AI-based insights, visit

About is the No.1 Conversation Intelligence Platform for high-growth sales teams. Founded in 2015,’s Conversation Intelligence Platform identifies and helps teams replicate the performance of top-performing reps by analyzing their sales meetings. These insights serve as the foundation of an effective coaching strategy for sales and customer success teams and provide insight into the voice-of-the-customer across the entire organization. Customers like Zoom, Outreach, Qualtrics, Adobe, and GitLab ramp new hires to productivity 30-50% faster and see an increase in quota attainment from 20-to-100%. is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in Tel Aviv and Boston.


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