CDP Leader ActionIQ Partners With Data Axle

New Solution Enables B2B Businesses to Create Actionable Customer Profiles to Improve Customer Experience and Drive Revenue

ActionIQ, the leading Enterprise Customer Data Platform (CDP) and Data Axle, the leading provider of data, data-driven marketing and real-time marketing intelligence solutions, today announced their strategic partnership across two key focus areas: account-based identity resolution and identity enrichment to enhance ActionIQ’s CDP for the growing B2B market.

ActionIQ leveraging Data Axle’s business data now offers a complete B2B customer experience hub that unifies all customer teams across the organization in a single, easy-to-use business interface for better ID resolution and profile enrichment. The integrated solution will provide B2B customer experience professionals access to Data Axle’s nearly 300 data attributes of business across North America. Combined with ActionIQ’s CDP, Customer Intelligence and Customer Experience applications, business teams will be able to generate insights and predictive models to activate customer journeys and real-time experience across all channels.

“When investing in building rich customer profiles, it’s critical to enrich them with trustworthy intelligence and then operationalize them across the enterprise,” said Justin DeBrabant, VP of Product, ActionIQ. “ActionIQ selected Data Axle to be our business data partner because their data is robust, accurate and reliable, and the ability to unify individual and account levels into a single framework is invaluable for B2B customers. Our partnership will provide clients with the best of both worlds: gaining deep customer insight, and ensuring that data makes an immediate impact on customer experience and business growth.”

“We are pleased to be part of ActionIQ’s partner ecosystem, especially given their ability to connect first-party data and orchestrate customer experiences at scale,” said Bob Toth, SVP and General Manager of Data Licensing at Data Axle. “Data Axle’s data is leveraged by the world’s largest technology companies and federal agencies to power their products and services, and we’re proud that this high-quality data is now available to ActionIQ’s customers. By incorporating our data into ActionIQ’s CDP, we enable users to have trustworthy identity resolution and key linkages across the dimensions of a targeted account.”

The partnership will combine ActionIQ’s algorithmic-based identity stitching capabilities with Data Axle’s authoritative-based ID resolution at both the individual and account levels, into a single framework. Data Axle optimizes identity matching and provides additional enrichment and hygiene to ensure insights are accurate and experiences are helpful. ActionIQ unifies customer data into a single interface designed for business users to analyze behavior, predict next-best experiences and orchestrate customer journeys across all channels.

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