The ultimate exhibition for the customer engagement and experience industry
On April 26th & 27th, Las Vegas Convention Center will become home to the ultimate
exhibition for the customer engagement and experience industry.

Call & Contact Center Expo will provide you with over 200 exhibitors, and their plethora of
innovative products, ideas and strategies; this is an incredible opportunity to discover the
latest trends and advancements you need to stay ahead of the game. 100 hours of seminars
and masterclasses packed into this busy 2-day experience will ensure that you take
insightful tips from a range of organizations, with thousands of solutions to set your business apart.

The Keynote Theaters are one of the outstanding features of Call & Contact Center Expo. At
the large open-plan theaters, you will hear insights from the sector’s leaders, discussing the
future of the call and contact center industry. This event has everything you need, from data
and payment security to user experience.

This is your opportunity to meet those leading the change in person, ask questions and
educate yourself on the ever-changing industry.
The exclusive 2023 keynote line-up includes:

● AT&T, Sara Joy, Head of Experience & Design of Business Operations – ‘Simplifying
the Complexity to Improve Customer Experience’
For a long time, humans have studied patterns to make sense of the world around them. In
these times of ever-evolving technology and artificial intelligence and machine learning, how
might we leverage patterns in simplifying and creating delightful customer experiences?
Sara will explore this topic and delve deeper into how we can improve customer and
employee experiences through technology transformation.

● Google, Raluca Monet – ‘Fueling great Customer Service Through Agile, Modern
Contact Center Solutions and ChromeOS’
According to a recent survey by Google & Accenture, 39% of enterprise contact center
agents are expected to be remote in the next 1-2 years and this number is expected to
increase to 59% in the near future. Contact centers need to increase their agility by
embracing more flexible and secure solutions to provide best-in-class customer service,
secure business data, and reduce cognitive load on agents to enable them to be more
productive. With a flexible technology architecture, service leaders can focus on their
strategy, innovation, and the future without being locked into legacy technology constraints.

In this session, learn more about new trends, how to evaluate your technology stack,
cloud-first OS platforms, and leading modern contact center solutions that can keep your
business on the cutting edge of contact center technology.

● CVS Health, Brian MacLeod, AVP Retail Customer Care – ‘Contact Center Employee
Engagement in a Virtual World’
Giving contact center employees the ability to work virtually is easy – keeping them engagedis hard. The good news is with the right vision, lots of intentionalities, and a bit of discipline, it’s possible for employees to be even more engaged at home than in the office. In this keynote session, Brian will share his successes and best practices for creating an engaging and sustainable virtual culture.

● TTEC, Clay Heinz, GVP, Regulated Industries – ‘Optimize Your CV With a Relevant
Wage & Labor Strategy’
Happy employees drive happy interactions. Attracting top talent and retaining the ”magic
makers” demands a relevant wage and labor strategy Learn about how current market
conditions are impacting the CX industry, the risk of ”getting it wrong” and proven strategies
to quickly respond.

With over 25 years in the healthcare CX industry and experience across many aspects of CX
delivery, Clay leads the growth of TTEC’s “Regulated Industries”. Clay is responsible for the
strategic development of TTEC’s Healthcare, Public Sector, Banking and Insurance verticals.
A published author, speaker and superhero for today’s consumer, Clay’s passion to optimize
CX across these industries is evident in his presentation.

● Foundever, Cassidy Klundt, Director of Operations – ‘Enhancing CX in a
Post-Pandemic World’
What’s important to customers today? How do you assess it within different industries, and
what does great look like? Carrying intellectual curiosity into any engagement, Cassidy
would consider himself to be a CX Enthusiast and People Leader, who greatly values what
the contact center industry can do for organizations, customers, and just as importantly, the
people who find valuable careers within.

Visitors to Call & Contact Center Expo, Las Vegas can also expect to hear insights from
Genpact, Cisco Systems, RingCentral, Laivly, Microsoft and more!

Held to recognise the innovators transforming the customer engagement sector, Call &
Contact Center Expo will also be presenting industry awards, a celebration of the
innovations, services, and solutions that have made an outstanding impact over the past 12

● Innovation Award
The following is awarded to a product or service demonstrating outstanding quality,
functionality and innovation in the sector. It celebrates those bringing new life to the running
of call and contact centers.

● Engagement Solution of the Year Award
This award recognizes the challenges faced in employee and customer engagement – from
workforce management and gamification to customer management technology. The award
will be given to the nominee that demonstrates an innovative and proven method, service, or product that results in exemplary engagement solutions.

These awards are an invaluable opportunity for our visitors to elevate their industry
knowledge, and gain an upper hand on the competition. Each finalist will showcase their
product or service to a panel of industry giants, making for an entertaining and educational
break from the hustle and bustle of the show floor.

This is your one opportunity to learn how to transform your call or contact center and
connect with the names at the top of the industry ladder. Accelerate your business and
experience the rapid growth that you’ve been working hard for!
We look forward to welcoming you to the Call & Contact Center Expo Awards on April 26th &
27th 2023.

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