Brierley+Partners Debuts F.A.S.T. Track Consulting

Brierley+Partners, internationally recognized as the industry leader for creating lifetime loyalty for their customers’ brands, today unveiled a new suite of loyalty tools and insights, Forward Analytics + Strategic Thinking (F.A.S.T.) Track Consulting. F.A.S.T. Track Consulting reinvents the industry standard by providing actionable analytics and strategy solutions for loyalty and customer relationship management (CRM) in a matter of weeks.

Armed with decades of loyalty and CRM expertise, the experts at Brierley+Partners curated a menu of services, which will empower brands to compose an approach to loyalty and customer engagement, tailor-fit to their needs. With 22 distinct modules to choose from, businesses of any size or stage of maturity can address their specific challenges to build a complete program that delivers rapid insights, makes substantial impacts and increases revenue.

The F.A.S.T. Track Consulting modules are divided in two main categories—analytical insights and strategies—allowing companies to get a pulse check on the current health of their loyalty and CRM initiatives as well as build out actionable strategies to elevate their brand to the next level.

“We developed F.A.S.T. Track Consulting because brand loyalty simply isn’t one-size-fits-all,” said Don Smith, Brierley+Partners’ chief analytics & strategy officer. “A startup is going to have drastically different needs than an established Fortune 500, which is why we’re giving our customers a carefully curated collection of analytics and strategy tools to choose from as we support them throughout their customer engagement journey.”

The 11 analytics modules offered within F.A.S.T. Track Consulting offer marketers the chance to get a head-to-toe brand check-up. From competitive landscape mapping and cost-benefit analysis, to customer segmentation and propensity modeling, F.A.S.T. Track analytics modules offer everything a brand needs to get an accurate picture of where they stand in the market, as well as in the eyes of their customers.

Using F.A.S.T. Track Consulting’s 11 strategy modules, brands can identify existing gaps in the market, find ways to differentiate themselves in a timely fashion, immediately combat pain points and drive fast results by optimizing existing programs. A frequent pain point among marketers is the time it takes to glean meaningful insights from customer data and convert those learnings into ROI-driven actions. F.A.S.T. Track Consulting lives up to its name by employing a variety of tools, which can help brands analyze key wellness factors and deploy meaningful programs in a matter of weeks—not months.

About Brierley+Partners

Brierley+Partners are global loyalty and CRM innovators. Brierley brings industry-leading thought leadership, incomparable experience and advanced technologies to help brands build lifetime loyalty with their customers. Brierley runs some of the best loyalty and customer relationship programs for clients across the globe. Brierley offers a complete suite of loyalty services: program design, loyalty/CRM technology, marketing strategy, research, analytics, omnichannel communications, account management, interactive/print production and fulfillment. The industry-leading Brierley LoyaltyonDemand® technology platform is uniquely robust, modular, flexible and quick-to-market. All services and technology focus on a single mission: making clients’ customer relationships dramatically more profitable. Brierley is U.S.-based and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nomura Research Institute, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. To learn more about Brierley+Partners, visit

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