Audience Serv Acquires Emailbidding

Audience Serv, an international customer acquisition and lead generation specialist, continues its international expansion with the acquisition of Emailbidding, an email marketing marketplace based in Porto. With a state-of-the-art algorithm, the email marketing platform provides best results for its clients. Emailbidding has been created and developed within Impacting Group, which is a holding for digital businesses. The acquisition brings together over 21 years of experience, worldwide operations, and more than 130 Million subscribers.

Since 2012, Emailbidding has offered a web-based self-service platform that enables advertisers and agencies to acquire new customers via email. The user-friendly platform offers self-service but also managed service with full control over its own campaigns. In addition, the platform avoids the duplication of users, which makes email marketing campaigns much more cost efficient and protects brand reputation. Both of these aspects are very important when working with multiple publishers. Due to the similar solution approaches of Audience Serv and Emailbidding, the synergies of the acquisition promise great potential for further business growth. The team of Emailbidding will remain in place.


The highly effective Emailbidding platform revolutionizes email marketing. Advertisers can set up email campaigns themselves and send them to their ideal target audience via a verified email publisher network. With full control over budget, target audience, campaign period, etc., campaigns are automatically optimized. Within the managed service, experienced campaign managers will handle the setup of all campaigns, creation of HTML templates, and campaign optimisation on a daily base in order to reach and exceed the goals of clients.

In addition, the platform convinces with powerful reporting and intelligent algorithms. Real-time analytics help closely track campaign performance and optimize it as needed. Users are analyzed based on characteristics and behavior. An automatic matching process assigns the most relevant campaigns to each user. Based on a “bidding model”, campaigns for the same target group compete with each other. The campaign that is most relevant to the end user and with the highest bid, set by the advertiser, wins a higher position in the competition and has preferential access to audiences. Email campaigns that have been sent with Emailbidding show 4 times higher CTRs compared to conventional email marketing sending and targeting techniques. The unique approach guarantees a high ROI for advertisers and publishers.

“We are pleased to welcome Emailbidding and its team to the Audience Serv family. Emailbidding’s platform and experts complement our solutions and expand the service portfolio for our clients.” said David Pikart, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Audience Serv. “The platform focuses on providing a scalable email marketing solution. Audience Serv and Emailbidding are striving to make B2C customer acquisition via email as easy and effective as possible. Therefore, we are very happy to drive our innovative email marketing platform with Audience Serv’s power and support. It’s great to be part of the Audience Serv group. ” Ana Cunha, CEO of Emailbidding , continues. “We are very pleased with the plans Audience Serv has for Emailbidding, enabling it to reach a worldwide relevance in the transformation of the email marketing industry, as it was designed since inception.”, concludes Nuno Morais Impacting’s Managing Partner.

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About Audience Serv
Audience Serv is an international customer acquisition specialist with offices in Berlin, Munich, Barcelona, Porto, Singapore, and Hanoi. Founded in 2008, the company has an experienced and enthusiastic team of more than 90 Audience Experts globally, who are working on developing the perfect method for target group segmentation. Using techniques from machine learning and artificial intelligence, Audience Serv runs highly targeted online campaigns across multiple marketing channels. The company made it their mission to consistently exceed client expectations in terms of both service levels and campaign outcomes.
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