Astute Launches Customer Confidence Solution to Gauge Consumer Behavior During COVID-19

Astute, Inc., a leading end-to-end customer engagement platform, today announced the release of Customer Confidence, a new Voice of the Customer (VoC) solution designed to measure customer readiness to return to brick-and-mortar locations and help brands understand how to adjust to changes in preferences in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Industries that rely on customers to be physically present, such as restaurants, movie theatres, hotels, airlines, salons, and gyms, have suffered the worst financial losses during the pandemic thus far. As different countries and regions around the world return to a semblance of normalcy at different paces, global brands in these industries are left wondering, “When will my customers come back?”

Astute’s new Customer Confidence survey helps businesses answer this question. In uncertain times, this solution gives companies the information they need to make critical decisions about when and how to re-open. Capturing first-party data from customers about when they plan to return in person, and what their expectations are when they do, helps companies prepare staff, stock, policies, and procedures accordingly. Continuing to measure customer confidence and trends as re-opening progresses informs necessary adjustments and ensures customers continue to feel safe.

The specially designed survey is secure, accessible, and compatible across devices, ensuring better response rates and data accuracy. Powerful reporting and visualizations allow companies to monitor and respond to trends over time.

“In this time of rapid change, listening to the Voice of the Customer is more critical than ever,” said Astute President and CTO Alex George. “We’ve designed our Customer Confidence solution to empower brands as they approach these make-or-break operational decisions, giving them more insight and enabling them to make more informed choices.”

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About Astute

Astute is a full-service end-to-end customer engagement platform for the world’s largest global brands. Astute unifies all first-party data across the customer journey, offering AI-driven customer self-service, agent desktop CRM, social media management, and powerful Voice of the Customer (VoC) tracking and analytics. No matter how customers choose to engage, Astute elevates the interaction while capturing invaluable first-party data to improve the journey. Winner of the 2020 Stevie® Award for Most Innovative Tech Company and CUSTOMER Magazine’s 2020 Contact Center Technology Award, Astute’s commitment to innovating the customer experience is well-recognized in the market. Learn more at

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