Annex Cloud Announces Explosive Growth

Client Success and Product Innovation Positions Company for Continued Growth as Customer Loyalty and Retention Remains at the Forefront of Enterprise Growth Strategies

Annex Cloud, a global, enterprise technical solutions provider of advanced personalized and experiential customer retention software and loyalty management solutions, today announced aggressive momentum into 2H of this year. The company’s growth trajectory is indicative of significant market opportunity and increasing demand for customer loyalty and retention as a critical growth strategy.

“We have an incredible technology foundation in place and our roadmap is strong. Looking to the future, Annex Cloud will carry on as the trusted industry standard in customer loyalty and retention,” said Al Lalani, Co-Founder & Chief Strategist, Annex Cloud.

Annex Cloud Enterprise Adoption and Satisfaction Soars
The momentous growth of the company is a result of increased adoption of Annex Cloud’s Loyalty Experience Platform by global enterprises across verticals and industry types. Marketers serving millions of customers are engaging and creating lifelong relationships through the bond-building capabilities enabled by Annex Cloud.

Designed with their business needs in mind, the Loyalty Experience Platform™ solves many of the most pressing loyalty and retention issues global brands are facing today, including:

    •     The need for omnichannel support. Many organizations through their digital transformation have ended up with disparate technologies that don’t seamlessly connect or “speak” to each other. Annex Cloud’s Loyalty Experience Platform easily connects to all technology in place, allowing the data collected by brands to easily be used in an omnichannel way for communications, promos, offers, even universal gift cards.
    •     An answer to the demise of third-party data. Many organizations are now realizing they need to change their approach to acquisition, and that their own first-party customer data is the solution to engaging and retaining their customers. To capture that information quickly at scale, they are tapping loyalty providers and engaging in loyalty strategies.
  •     Supply chain challenges are forcing price increases. Organizations are concerned about raising prices. These increases most likely will be met with customers going elsewhere or choosing less expensive alternatives, like private-label options. Premium brands, especially, are looking to loyalty strategies and initiatives to recognize and reward customers for staying loyal; giving customers a reason to stay.

Over the past several months Annex Cloud has added significant new clients, relaunched its technology platform, made strategic hires globally to support expansion, earned the highest possible scores in 15 criteria in The Forrester Wave™ Loyalty Solutions Q2 2021 Report and launched an all-new, comprehensive partner portal.

Partner Collaboration Driving Lasting Growth
The company’s expanding partner ecosystem is instrumental to Annex Cloud’s continued success in helping brands to engage and retain customers. The company recently increased partnerships by 30 percent in its growing partner ecosystem of more than 100 companies. Annex Cloud also recently launched an all-new partner portal to equip partners with marketing and sales enablement resource as they help their global enterprise clients accelerate their retention growth strategies.

“We are proud of the momentum and validation we are seeing during the uncertain times brought about from 2020,” said Al Lalani, Co-Founder & Chief Strategist, Annex Cloud. “We continue to dramatically increase market share by raising the bar for our clients, so they can raise the bar for their customers, by individualizing every touchpoint with their brand. We have an incredible technology foundation in place and our roadmap is strong. Looking to the future, Annex Cloud will carry on as the trusted industry standard in customer loyalty and retention,” Lalani said.

Loyalty Experience Platform – An Enterprise Customer Retention Solution that Accelerates Growth
Annex Cloud’s Loyalty Experience Platform is the only full-suite loyalty solution that allows organizations to buy just what they need, meaning they can start with a simple value exchange and collect first-party data, then add on more sophisticated omnichannel reward and program types as they grow.

    •     Modularity: The widest range of engagement modules to build attitudinal, emotional, and empathic connections. Extensible platform allows flexibility and a nimble delivery environment to meet ever changing needs.
    •     Comprehensive Engagement Suite: Brands can capture, recognize, and reward all customer actions with referrals, gamification, UGC/survey, influencer management, contest, and/or Social Bridge.
  •     100+ pre-built integrations: Pre-built integrations with more than 100 market-leading technologies strategically architected to accelerate the delivery of loyalty management programs and meaningful customer experiences.


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