Alyce Launches Integration with Adobe

– Broadening its Enterprise Integration Program, Alyce for Marketo Engage Empowers Marketers to Deliver Personal Experiences to Buyers and Measure the Impact of their AI-powered Gifting Strategy Natively within Marketo Engage –

Alyce, the AI-powered gifting platform that’s making sales and marketing outreach personal at scale, today announced its collaboration with Adobe and full integration with Marketo Engage, part of Adobe Experience Cloud. Alyce for Marketo Engage allows marketers, sales teams and SDRs to seamlessly deliver a personal and relevant experience through all of their campaigns and programs and measure the impact and attribution of their one-to-one gifting within Marketo Engage.

Alyce Launches Integration with Marketo, Providing Seamless Campaign Management, Reporting, and Attribution.

“Adobe is an amazing partner for Alyce and is a cornerstone platform within the marketing automation and personal experience ecosystem. Their focus on transforming the customer experience perfectly aligns with Alyce’s vision of using technology to create more authentic relationships, earn trust, drive loyalty and create stronger growth,” said Blake Grubbs, Senior Manager, Product Marketing at Alyce. “I think our customers are even more excited than we are about this integration – allowing them to infuse Alyce’s data into their regular marketing programs and report on Alyce in the same place they report on all their other channels adds a ton of value.”

There is a growing backlash to the onslaught of impersonal outreach, sending generic, self-serving materials are causing us all to opt-out. Thus, people are reevaluating their relationships with businesses, looking for relevant, relatable and respectful interactions. 72% of buyers today say they would rather connect with brands and businesses through multichannel marketing, and 90% say they expect consistent interactions across channels (Zoominfo). Yet, only 14% of marketers say they’re able to deliver on running coordinated campaigns across all channels today (Zoominfo).

Platforms like Alyce and Marketo Engage are addressing these customer expectations by delivering personal experiences at scale.

“Alyce integrating with Marketo Engage is a game-changer. It’s going to dramatically improve our ability to easily report on our personal gifting programs, allow us to scale, and let us run more relevant and personal follow-up campaigns that convert more effectively,” said Kimberly Galitz, Marketing Automation and Attribution Specialist at Bandwidth.

Delivering Personal Experience Campaigns through Alyce for Marketo Engage:

● Prove the Impact of your Personal Gifting Strategy. All Alyce activities, including all gift engagements and meetings booked, are synced to Marketo Engage so you can measure the impact of Alyce within your attribution model and native workflow.

● Trigger Marketing Activities Based on Alyce Events. All Alyce gift events are synced to Marketo Engage so that you can automatically trigger any marketing activity, and ultimately make your nurture streams, drip campaigns, reminder emails, and automated processes personal. More relevant, relatable and respectful.

● Turn Alyce engagements into Interesting Moments. Give sales reps more visibility into their prospects’ engagements with Alyce by creating Interesting Moments in Marketo Engage to further enable sales with all the insights they need to deliver more one-to-one engagements. Customers can also leverage Alyce events in lead scoring.

“Our close integration with Marketo Engage not only dramatically broadens our available market, but also strengthens our relationship with some of our largest enterprise customers, spurring greater expansion, adoption, and utilization of the Alyce platform,” said Greg Segall, CEO of Alyce. “Adobe gets the shift in business today, focusing on delivering experiences that matter and are at the forefront of transforming customer experiences by making as many moments as personal as possible.”

As the only platform that gives sales, marketing, and customer teams the ability to deliver truly one-to-one gifts at scale, Alyce is focused on delivering a personal experience that helps businesses shorten the time to trust. Fully focused on appealing to the recipient through their interests rather than sending everyone the same generic item, Alyce bridges the physical and digital marketing worlds to help companies create personal bonds with the people they do business with.

About Alyce
Alyce is an AI-powered gifting platform that helps sales, marketing, and customer success teams create personal bonds with everyone they do business with through one-to-one gifting. Alyce bridges the physical and digital marketing worlds to help enterprises better engage prospects, customers, and employees while delivering measurable results.
Alyce is a venture-backed, privately held company headquartered in Boston, MA.
Learn more at

About Adobe Experience Cloud
In the experience economy, every business must be a digital business and Adobe Experience Cloud is the global leader for powering digital businesses. With solutions for data and insights, content and personalization, customer journey management, commerce and advertising, Adobe Experience Cloud is driving Customer Experience Management (CXM) across both B2B and B2C for companies of every size. Adobe Experience Platform – the foundation of Adobe Experience Cloud – is the industry’s first purpose-built CXM platform, enabling personalized customer experiences in real-time at scale.


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