444ignite Launches Ignite Consumer Intelligence Engine

Strategic marketing consultancy 444ignite is announcing the launch of its Ignite Consumer Intelligence Engine, in partnership with two world-class brands in the advertising and marketing technology space.

444ignite specializes in leveraging consumer intelligence and identity, marketing analytics, data analytics, and technology to solve marketing challenges. The consultancy uses AI-driven patented processes to serve companies across industries including retail, automotive, financial services, healthcare, insurance, media, and hospitality.

The Ignite Consumer Intelligence Engine is the amalgamation of in-market consumer transaction and behavior data, indicating shopping patterns, consumer intent, customer visitation, web site behavior, demographics, psychographics, and purchase history.

Ed Ramsey, 444ignite’s owner and principal consultant, says, “What’s key to the Ignite Consumer Intelligence Engine is the recency and scale of these behaviors, especially in that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly shifted consumer behavior.”

The Ignite Consumer Intelligence Engine is for marketers who need to enhance their consumer intelligence and enhance performance of their advertising campaigns. “No longer can you just focus on demographics or static data from research panels collected months ago,” Ramsey says, “Consumers are adapting to new norms, so it’s imperative to have recent in-market insights to understand what customers are buying now, where they’re buying it, and what media channels they’re engaging with.”

The collaboration brings in Prosper Insights & Analytics, a global leader in consumer intent data serving the financial services, marketing technology, retail and marketing industries. Prosper’s unique US and China data can be used to create personas based on consumer intention and attitudes concerning shopping and media use. Clients use these personas and unique attributes such as emotion, happiness, impulsivity, and mood to predict consumer behavior, build a strategy that accurately reflects consumer demand, and drive more revenue.

Consumer Orbit is the third partner playing a key role in developing the Consumer Intelligence Engine. The company used proprietary methodology to build TotalViewTM, one of the largest databases of consumer behavior – containing trillions of attributes on more than 235 million consumers. They guide businesses in understanding the behavior, preferences, and lifestyles of their customers. These connected data signals are built for scale, accuracy, precision, and accountability.

Ramsey says, “Marketing budgets are under constant pressure to deliver business value, so enhanced customer identity is critical because it enables marketers to get the most out of their budget and maximize performance.”

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