3radical and RKD Group Partner to Inspire Donor Advocacy

Building engagement experiences for the nonprofit sector to earn rich data directly from donors and better align giving with causes 

3radical, the leader in audience engagement and earned data solutions, today announced that RKD Group, a leading provider of marketing and fundraising solutions for nonprofits, has become its latest Accredited Partner in North America. Using Voco technology, 3radical will deliver proprietary engagement experiences, unique to the charity landscape, specifically designed to align giving and causes based on preference data earned directly from donors.

Built to scale, 3radical’s permission-based digital engagement experiences accommodate the needs of both large enterprise charitable organizations, as well as smaller local chapters, in their efforts to build trust and earn preference and intent data from their constituents across North America. These always-on engagement solutions allow for the tailoring of giving and fundraising campaigns by implementing virtual strategies not tied to specific physical events, activities, or seasons, thereby keeping nonprofits continuously connected and communicating with donors.

“This year has propelled digital adoption for donors and digital transformation for nonprofits,” said Amanda Wasson, Executive Vice President at RKD Group. “Our partnership with 3radical will enable deeper connection between donors and the causes they support, aligning donor sentiment and preferences. Together, we will provide professional services and tech advancements that encourage lasting, trusted relationships between them and their donors.”

Michael D. Fisher, CEO at 3radical, added: “RKD Group understands that earned data is fundamental to the operational value of its nonprofit clients. Transparently obtained data allows for deeper levels of engagement that help charities achieve a more lasting impact with their donors and further drives an aligned sense of purpose and responsibility.”

To learn more about capturing earned data through mutually-beneficial value exchanges using 3radical’s Voco audience engagement platform, please visit www.3radical.com.

About RKD Group

RKD Group is a leading fundraising and marketing services provider to hundreds of nonprofit organizations, including hospitals, social service, disease research, animal welfare, rescue missions, and faith-based charities. RKD Group’s omnichannel approach leverages technology, advanced data science and award-winning strategic and creative leadership to accelerate net revenue growth, build long-term donor relationships and drive online and offline engagements and donations. With a growing team of professionals, RKD Group creates breakthroughs never thought possible.

About 3radical

3radical provides organizations with an innovative way to achieve unprecedented engagement and earn data directly from their audiences. Using 3radical’s award winning Voco software platform and supported by comprehensive strategy and execution services, business users have the ability to quickly create and publish interactive digital experiences based on a wide array of template mechanics and rewards informed by the latest game science theory. These compelling online experiences are delivered directly to each recipient and optimized by preference data, real-time decisioning, and learning based on billions of interactions. Every exchange results in fully-permissioned, “earned data” provided willingly by the individual in a transparent, mutually beneficial environment – critical to informing the business and elevating communication strategies, especially as other data sources become less effective.  3radical operates globally through offices in North America, the UK and Asia Pac and serves major brands across a broad range of industries.

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