3radical and CVM People Partner to Bring High-Level Data-Driven Gamification Strategies

3radical, the leader in audience engagement and earned data solutions, today announces a new partnership with CVM People, a provider of integrated strategy, platform delivery, and resourcing services across marketing, CX, and data.

CVM People is partnering with 3radical to provide strategic gamification solutions, focusing on the earning of customer data, to their clients. These sophisticated customer interaction strategies will drive growth and loyalty by enriching the quality of engagement across sales, customer service, and marketing, whilst opening a new frontier of insight driven offers and behaviours for clients to capitalise on.

Based on the need for an ethical data capture and utilization strategy, 3radical’s Voco audience engagement platform will enable CVM People to solve the challenge of customers being wary of how much data they share, but still demanding convenience and personalization of services from the organizations they interact with. Using 3radical Voco, CVM People will weave interaction tactics and journey design into mutually beneficial value exchanges between customers and organizations at scale.

“We believe motivational and game science mechanics are a great way to solve the gap that exists in many customer relationships between the data customers share and the value they receive in return,” said Karl Dixon FRSA, Director, at CVM People. “By using 3radical Voco to create and deliver progressive digital experiences that both delight and earn data, we’re able to harness emotion in a controlled environment, offering the chance to play, win, get prizes, and add a sense of excitement or achievement to interactions which are usually mundane or forgettable. This emotionally enriched interaction environment better facilitates both contextually targeted messages and the creation of optimal “in-the-moment” customer experience.”

Michael D. Fisher, CEO at 3radical, added: “We are thrilled to welcome CVM People as a partner. We both have similar beliefs on how to deliver superior loyalty and engagement solutions to our clients via a flexible business model. As global legislation and customer privacy demand increases, 3radical and CVM People will be at the forefront of the ever-shifting data strategy evolution, helping B2B and B2C organizations exceed their customers’ digital interaction expectations.”

To learn more about capturing earned data through mutually-beneficial value exchanges via 3radical’s Voco audience engagement platform, please visit www.3radical.com.

About CVM People

CVM People help clients achieve their strategic and commercial goals by providing pragmatic, customer management solutions across people, process, and technology, designed and delivered by industry-leading practitioners. We accelerate both commercial and technical maturity with a range of services from strategic consulting, project and capability delivery, to interim specialist support. We also provide practitioner led resource services – from executive search through to the design and build of operational teams, to help our clients transition into BAU effectively and ensure the capacity and skill level required to be successful whilst avoiding dependence on managed services etc.

About 3radical

3radical provides organizations with an innovative way to achieve unprecedented engagement and earn data directly from their audiences. Using 3radical’s award winning Voco software platform and supported by comprehensive strategy and execution services, business users have the ability to quickly create and publish interactive digital experiences based on a wide array of template mechanics and rewards informed by the latest game science theory. These compelling online experiences are delivered directly to each recipient and optimized by preference data, real-time decisioning, and learning based on billions of interactions. Every exchange results in fully-permissioned, “earned data” provided willingly by the individual in a transparent, mutually beneficial environment – critical to informing the business and elevating communication strategies, especially as other data sources become less effective. 3radical operates globally through offices in North America, the UK and Asia Pac and serves major brands across a broad range of industries.

SOURCE 3radical

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