2022 Trust Barometer (Edelman)

Societal leadership is now a core function of business.
We have studied trust for more than 20 years and believe that it is the ultimate currency in the relationship that all institutions—business, governments, NGOs and media—build with their stakeholders. Click here to learn more.

The 2022 Edelman Trust Barometer is our 22nd annual trust and credibility survey. The survey was powered by Edelman Data & Intelligence (DxI) and consisted of 30-minute online interviews conducted between November 1 and November 24, 2021.

28 Countries
36,000+ Respondents
1,150+ Respondents/Country

Nearly 1 out of 2 respondents view government and media as divisive forces in society
48% Government
46% Media
Vicious cycle of distrust fueled by government and media

We find a world ensnared in a vicious cycle of distrust, fueled by a growing lack of faith in media and government. Through disinformation and division, these two institutions are feeding the cycle and exploiting it for commercial and political gain.Business’ societal role is here to stay

We see an even greater expectation of business to lead as trust in government continues to spiral. But this is not a job business can do on its own. Business must work with all institutions to foster innovation and drive impact.Business is not doing enough to address societal problems.

52% Climate Change
49% Economic Inequality
46% Workforce Reskilling
All stakeholders hold business accountable

  • Will buy or advocate for brands based on their beliefs and values
  • Will choose a place to work based on their beliefs and values
  • Will invest based on their beliefs and values
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